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West Washington School Board Discusses 2015-16 Budget

By Jill Moon

The West Washington County District #10 School Board met June 29.

Before the school board met the budget committee met to discuss the 2015-2016 budget.

Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop reported an increase in property taxes. He reported an increase in special education revenue but also an increase in special education transportation costs due to an increased number of students in the program.

He reported an increase in driver’s education revenue and an increase in educational grants. He also reported a decrease in state aid, costs of score and timekeepers, housekeeping and grass maintenance and electricity bills.

Fuhrhop reported a decrease in construction costs and workman’s compensation claims and an increase in lunch service revenue. He reported a decrease in building insurance but with the caveat that it was only temporary.

Fuhrhop reported that a thorough spreadsheet would be available in Sept. He said schools in general had been told not to start any new projects as state money was frozen but that Gov. Rauner had said that “92% of monies that schools should get, they would get.”

A weedeater has been purchased for use on school grounds with safety equipment and instructional software with the goal of hiring students to work on the grounds. Fuhrhop assured that any students hired would be supervised at all times. A gas blower is planned to be purchased soon.

There was a payment made to the teachers’ union which Fuhrhop explained that the district withholds a certain amount from teachers’ paychecks then makes a lump sum payment of their dues.

The budget was passed.

The need for a wire transfer from the capital fund to pay for the greenhouse was discussed and passed. A motion was passed to use grant money to purchase a new 60” deck diesel mower.

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