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Ask A PastorJuly 22, 2015

By Rev Beverly Kahle, St Paul’s UCC

What is redemption?

Redemption – The Christian Church is good about having words that made wonderful sense when they were first used and translated.

These words were fresh and vibrant and clear, but over the long history of the Christian faith some of these words began to carry weight beyond the original intent. They have so much baggage attached to them that they invoke feelings and emotions just by saying the word.

Redemption is one of those words.

Volumes of books are written on this topic, but I want to cut away the assumptions and deal with the first meaning.

Redemption is the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.

For Christians, we believe that sin causes death. When we sin, we are doomed to die.

Jesus chose to buy us out of death by exchanging, or buying our death with his death. So now he holds our life or death in his hands. His gift to each of us who will accept it, is life when we deserved death.

We can get lost in debates and theological discussions and what ifs, but as we cut back all of the rhetoric, this is the heart of redemption – Jesus gave his life to pay each of our sin debt. Then he gave that life back to us. That deserves a praise God!

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