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2015 Malick Family Reunion

The annual reunion of the descendants of Andrew and Theodosia (Bauza) Malick was held at the Nashville American Legion Hall Sunday afternoon, July 26.

The oldest in attendance was Miss Frances Malick age 98; the youngest attendee was Miss Avaleigh Bruns, 6 months old. Traveling the farthest were the Mayers from Corpus Christi, Texas, and the Boudreauxs from Beaumont, Texas. The closest traveler was Brian Rusiewski of Nashville.

Those present at the reunion were: Frances, Frank & Raymond Malick of Ashley; Dorothy Czajkowski, Toodles Malick, Brian Rusiewski, Charlie & Barb Rusiewski, Natalie, Garth, Lucas & Josh Morgan, Stephanie, Calvin, Elliott & Ethan Engele all of Nashville; Stacey, Emilee & Brady Steinkamp of O’Fallon; Margaret Fitzgerrell of Ina; Pam, Marvin & Tyler Kerley Of Benton; Jimmy & Kathy Witt, Sandy Pilcher, Brittany Pilcher And Avaleigh Bruns of Mount Vernon; Leroy & Luella Liske Edwardsville; Gary, Connie, Christopher Edmiston all of Fairview heights; Ian & Natalia Katayama Edmiston of Richmond Heights, Mo.; Tim & Tami Malick, Natalie, Mallory Bugg & Boyfriend Kyle Nordmann all of Swansea; Louise Holte, Debra K. & Laura Bergman of Elgin, and Laura’s boyfriend
Jerry Saenz & Princess the pup of Palatine; Matt Flores of Elgin; Ron & Judy Holte, Penny & Gus the pups of Streamwood; Kim Seaquist, Hunter Seaquist & Terry Skweres; Roland, Adrienne, Samantha, Aidan & Daniel Baratta, Samantha’s boyfriend, Patrick Pagliuco; Jason, Sara , Aubree & Hazel Erdmann all of Fox River Grove; Brian, Violet & Turner Craig of Roscoe; Bernie Liske, Charlotte & Lawrence Wimpe, David, Diane Hardin all of Belleville; Randy, Maria, Jordan & Brian Boudreaux Of Beaumont, Texas; Trudy & Janis Mayer of Corpus Christi, Texas.

A lovely array of foods were prepared by all the wonderful cooks in the family. Connie’s lemon lush dessert received rave reviews again this year! Reunion goers enjoyed Frank’s tomatoes and Fran’s sweet & sour pickles. Barb Rusiewski made sauerkraut and brats per special request from Tim Malick. Very delectable as always!

We reminisced about family in Colorado, Iowa, Texas, Australia, Missouri, Florida, Minnesota and in Illinois. Plenty of conversations, laughs, and picture sharing was enjoyed in the cool comfort of the legion hall.

Friday night, prior to the reunion, Brian Rusiewski hosted a welcome/summer party at his home to start the weekend festivities. Visitors from near and far enjoyed his gracious hospitality. He had a record number of folks attend this year’s party!

Some of the aunts and cousins enjoyed lunch at the Bakery Nook. Such a lovely addition to Nashville.

Numerous cousins also enjoyed their yearly shopping trip to Lee’s variety store. Thanks to everyone at Lee’s for making us feel special!

The 2016 reunion will be at the same location on Sunday, July 31, 2016.

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