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Hofbraufest Pedal Tractor Pull

080515 Pedal Tractor 0 to 40 C.jpg
080515 Pedal Tractor 40 to 55 C.jpg

The Hoyleton Hofbraufest was host to a kiddie pedal tractor pull on July 11. LEFT: 56-70lb class: Third place Abram Harned, First place Ella Harned, Second place Kenlee Schoenberg. RIGHT: 40-55lbs: Third place Aydia Green, First place Carter Czerwonka, Second place Emery Schoenberg. BOTTOM RIGHT: 0-40lbs: Third place Conner Melloy, First place James Schomaker, Second place Brady Warren.

080515 Pedal Tractor 56 to 70 C.jpg

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