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Hospital Board Approves Budget And Levy Ordinances

By Alex Haglund

The Washington County hospital Board approved ordinances for their annual budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 and for the allocation of levy.

These ordinances including the hospital’s budget by department, with appropriations totaling $14,868,251, and a the levy ordinance seeking $370,740 in monies from taxes are reproduced in their entirety on page B5 of today’s edition of The Nashville News.


WCH Chief Financial Officer Elaine Matzenbacher gave her monthly report to the board. For the month ending June 30, the hospital posted a loss of $62,919. Losses for the year to date are currently at $151,735.

Matzenbacher said that the hospital is being affected by the budget stalemate in Springfield, and has not been receiving medicaid money in as timely a manner as they should due to the impasse.

Quest Interface

WCH Director of Information Systems Kim Larkin requested that the board consider implementing an interface for data from Quest Lab Services.

Currently, while most common tests done by the lab are done in-house at WCH, other labs, the majority of those sent out, are done by Quest.

Currently, lab results that come in from Quest are scanned images, and are not “discreet data,” said Larkin. A Quest interface would make data from these tests available as part of a CCD or Continuity of Care Document, just as data from the in-house lab is.

The interface would cost $10,000 for the license and $18,000 in labor from NextGen to get the system up and running. To encourage WCH to install the interface, Quest will reimburse the hospital the cost of the license, but only after the installation is complete.

The issue, as Larkin presented it to the board, is that NextGen is currently overbooked and it would not be until January that they could get to installing the interface, but the cost would need to be paid up front to lock in the quoted price.

Despite the annoyance of having to pay up front, then wait for the interface to be installed, the board did approve the purchase after some discussion.


Matzenbacher said that the auditors are wrapping up their yearly work at WCH, and that they would be present to report on their audit at next month’s meeting.

There were, “no substantial issues at all,” WCH president and CEO happily reported to the board.

“It’s gone really smoothly this year,” Matzenbacher agreed.


The annual Washington County Hospital golf tournament will be here before long. Organizing the event is WCH Human Resources director Dave Davenport. If there are golfers or sponsors interested in the tournament, Davenport can be reached at (618) 327-2204.

Newby stated that WCH had received some complaints regarding a bump at the bottom of the emergency room wheelchair ramp.

Newby told the board that concrete work had been carried out both on the ER wheelchair ramp and on the ramp at the other entrance and both were now smooth.

Hospital Board

Approves Budget And Levy Ordinances

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