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NashvilleAugust 5, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

The Internet,

Phase One

Last week I got on the Internet and traveled to some odd spots.

At least I found them so, as a non-native Internet traveler.

The young native Internet traveler will say “What?! That freaked you out? Come, let me show you something really odd…!”

First, I somehow found myself looking at a site that said “Look What We Found…” and what followed was a series of about thirty or so pictures (pics to the seasoned traveler) showing a small storage hole in an apartment floor opening up into a staircase, to a tunnel, to a series of small rooms, opening up into a huge room under the rest of the apartment building. What was the landlord thinking? Why didn’t he charge for that space?

Second, (and don’t tell me you never did this) I “Googled” my name. What I found was a whole slew of images that in my wildest dreams I would never associate with myself. Are there really that many “Roethemeyers” out there?

Then I went to YouTube, which I actually visit quite often.

I found a video of a bike trip on an abandoned turnpike. Four young Canadians drove to a spot in Pennsylvania and documented their bike trip and explorations on the abandoned tunnel sites. One guy had a helmet cam, so it was like you were on the trip with them. You saw him and his friends go up and down rusty staircases, through tunnels, along a path in the woods, on the bike again.

It was a cool video, and I would have watched it to the end, but – I forgot that watching that kind of movement in a long video or movie gives me motion sickness.

So, I went to my room and lay down for a while, until the nausea passed.

Then I got up and watched another YouTube video about a girl exploring abandoned houses – and she used the same continuous camera motion!

That’s enough of YouTube for today!

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