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Washington County Vocational Workshop Update

Our Caps Your Cause

Prairie Farms gallon and half gallon milk jugs have a code on the lid. If you have any, just send them to the workshop or turn them in with the coupons at Kroger. If you have family or friends that are not helping one of the local schools, please ask them if they would help us. We are now 1/3 of the way to 1000 caps; our $50.

Recycling Aluminum Cans

We continue to receive donations of cans. The recycling center in Nashville is closed and I will have my son help me get them to Sparta’s recycling center. This money is used for special things for the clients- our recycled benches, our patio chairs, our camera, ball caps, helping pay for Grizzlies tickets, helping to purchase a bigger screened TV, etc.

Kroger’s Community Rewards

The quarterly checks have really helped. Thank you so much for regerstering your Kroger Savings Cards for Community Rewards. During August everyone will have to re-enroll. Please ask your friends or family to sign up at 1-800-Krogers or If they prefer not to help the workshop, there are several local schools that are also participating. I’m sure they would appreciate the help, also.

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