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OakdaleAugust 12, 2015


The Village of Oakdale is announcing an opportunity for the entire community to be involved in its next project at Oakdale Park.

Individuals, families, or organizations may purchase a tree, bench, picnic table, or park decor in honor of a loved one.

Some events to commemorate include the birth of a child; a wedding, a milestone birthday, anniversary, graduation, or retirement; the death of a loved one; or any special event.

A tree benefits everyone in this and future generations and is perhaps the most fitting memorial of all. Planting a tree will commemorate the event and allows it to be shared with the community.

Details are still being worked out, but trees and decor can be purchased from anywhere but need to be approved by the park committee.

They are discouraging problematic trees such as sweet gums with gumballs or willows which tend to drop a lot of branches.

The committee would need to approve the location for the trees to be planted and would prefer late autumn plantings.

Anyone wishing to donate and plant a tree for this autumns planting should contact park committee members by Oct 31.

For More, Please Read The August 12 Edition Of The Nashville News.

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