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Working From HomeNashville – August 12, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Working From Home

Usually every week, sometimes several times a week, I would go to the library to write on my newspaper column.

I call it my “story.”

Mom and I would pack up her tape/CD player and go to the library, where I would settle her with something to listen to and a pair of headphones.

I then sat at an available
computer screen to write, then email a story to the Nashville News.

This past week I got a computer from a friend.

He hooked it up, and now I am one of those “commute from home” workers.

It has its advantages.

I don’t run around looking for this or that before driving away from the house.

I can get up later.

I can be near my cats.

But there are disadvantages, too (as little as we like to admit it!)

Let me finish washing these breakfast dishes, then I will tell you about them.

There are hundreds of things to distract from your work.

The cats are playing and you have to watch because they’re so cute!

Let me put in this load of laundry before I start.

Mom, I’m — okay, another cup of coffee.

Hmm, my back feels sore. Think I’ll lay down for a minute and rest it.

Now to change the battery in this clock.

Yup, the things we would power through at a job become fine procrastinations at home!

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