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County Board Approves Additional $35,000 To Courthouse Architects

Extra Compensation Will Cover Change Orders, Site Observation

By Alex Haglund

The Washington County Board voted to approve the addition of $35,000 to the contract with engineering and survey firm McDonough-Whitlow at their monthly meeting for August on Tuesday, August 11, held at the temporary Washington County offices in the Nashville Community Center.

McDonough-Whitlow is the firm in charge of the architecture for the renovation of the old courthouse, following the resignation of Image Architects from the project and that company’s going out of business.

“It’s been a rough project for all of us concerned,” said Toni M. McDonough, President of McDonough–Whitlow, who was present at the meeting.

Alos present was G. William Whitlow, the firms Vice-President and Head of Engineering.

The additional funds were mainly to cover site observation by the firm while work is carried out by general contractors Korte and Luitjohn, and to cover any more change orders for the project.

Hopefully, the additional $35,000 will cover anything else that comes up.

“I am pretty hopefully that all of the change orders are going to slow down,” said Whitlow.

Highway Department

County Engineer and Highway Department head Mitch Burdick thanked Bob Sigman, Johannisburg Township’s long-time road commissioner on behalf of the highway department for all of his work as he retires.

Sigman is being replaced by Bob Lohman, who Burdick said brought to his attention a 50/50 drainage project on Todd Road. 50/50 projects are paid with half county funds and half township funds.The board approved the project.

Burdick stated that chip seal work on County highway 16 and County Highway 11 south of Hoyleton was cocpleted and that there would be no more closures on those roads.

Burdick also stated that IDOT had completed an audit of the county’s bridge work, looking through files at the department’s office and inspecting ten bridges in person as well.

Burdick did not present a report on the audit to the board, but stated that, “verbally, it sounded like they were pretty satisfied with what we have been doing.”

Motor Fuel Tax Funds

The Motor Fuel Tax (MFT fund for maintenance allotments has been suspended by the state due to the budget impasse, Burdick told the board. MFT monies provide a significant proportion of the county’s highway department funding.;

“Several counties will be much more impacted by this than us in the short term,” Burdick told the board. “In the long term, it will affect all of us.”

Burdick stated that the highway department plans to continue on with business as usual through September, and if the state does not have the situation sorted out by then, “we will need to have a look at how we will finish out the year.”

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