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Oakdale Roads To Be Oiled And Chipped Soon

The regularly scheduled Oakdale Village Board meeting was held on Monday, July 20 at the town hall.

Those in attendance were President Cecil Alfeldt, Clerk Fred Endres, Treasurer Eugene Kreher and village trustees Sherrie Kroener, Cindy Harre, B.J. Ehret, Zach Taft, Crystal Alfeldt, and Missy Turner. No one from the public was in attendance.

Taft, chairperson of the roads and bridges committee, said that he knew that roads would be oiled and chipped soon, but was unable to give an exact date.

Harre stated the importance of notifying residents as soon as possible about road closings. Taft reiterated that he was at the mercy of the company that makes the deliveries and was unable to give much of a notice. In the past he was notified while the roads were being worked on.

Cecil Alfeldt and Taft request that when lawns and ditches are being mowed that the grass clippings be directed towards the grass and not the street curbing. Over time, the grass clippings and debris can damage the integrity of the roads. Other municipalities have ordinances on this matter.

Taft discussed the need for several ditches that need cleaned out and would start the search for someone with a small trackhoe to perform this service. Jo Wisely's backhoe is too big to perform the job and may cause some damage to the roads.

Ehret states that he has been spraying for weeds around town and particularly the riff raff on Walnut street. He asked if Lake Contracting was going to finish the work on Raney's driveway along East Main Street.

Over a year ago when the new sidewalks were placed, the angle of the driveway was too step and their vehicle's underside would drag on it.

A temporary fix of loose gravel was placed on the new concrete, but is unsightly and impedes water flow. Cecil Alfeldt had not heard anything from Lake Contracting although they had been made aware of the problem repeatedly.

Once the ground dries out from the excess rain, Perry County Asphalt is supposed to return to fix the asphalt path at the park. There were several areas that the path was too thin or the asphalt was ground level and it would be flooded anytime it rained.

The fourteen-year old Kubota tractor that is used to mow the park needed work on the mowing deck. The board voted to fix the mower rather than purchase a new one. It was estimated to cost around $1300 to fix the deck and perform routine maintenance. The mower was since fixed and Allen and Sandy Taft, who mow the park, state that it now works perfectly. Ed Ehret will be reimbursed mileage for the use of his vehicle and trailer to transport the tractor to Okawville for maintenance.

Kroener reports that she has been treating ponds and areas with standing water with the mosquito killing packets. Once treated, each area should be okay for a month. She says the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus are more prevalent at the hot, dry summer months.

Crystal Alfeldt presented an idea to help add trees, benches, and decor to the park. It is a memorial program that anyone may purchase any of the items and dedicate it in the memory of a loved one or any special occasion. Trees and other items may be purchased from anywhere, but must be approved by the park committee. Details are still being worked out, but they hope to have the first planting this November. Endres said that he would be happy to purchase the first tree for this program. Call 329-5784 for more information.

The board is seeking someone to buff and wax the floors in the village hall.The board is also looking for someone to grind out the tree stumps at the park.

Cecil Alfeldt looked into having the locks on the village buildings re-keyed and discovered it would be too expensive.

Cecil Alfeldt wants the village to help the Country Kitchen restaurant get back on their feet, but was unsure exactly how they could help financially. He mentioned the restaurant brings in tax revenue. Endres will look into the matter to see what the town can legally do to help.

Village board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the town hall. All are welcome to attend.