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“Congratulations! It’s a girl!” Ask A Pastor – September 2, 2015

By Rev Syd Osenbaugh

The Healing Place (Nashville Assembly of God)

“Congratulations! It’s a girl!” Those words tumbled into my ears amidst a flood of emotions. I was ecstatic and excited – after multiple miscarriages we finally had our baby girl. There was joy and overwhelming love as I watched my husband’s face react to the news. And not least at all was the awe and wonder of seeing a miracle before my very eyes. I had been told that there was virtually no chance I could conceive again and, if I somehow did, my body was far too damaged to be able to carry that child to term. Nothing is impossible with God!

Fast forward a number of years and I was standing next to a friend in a church service. She had just been to the optometrist that day to renew the contacts for her left eye. The doctor had joked with her about saving money since she only needed one. Her right eye was completely blind. Suddenly she shouted, “I can see!” She turned to me, covering her ‘good’ eye and proclaimed, “I see you – I see you smiling!” God had done what was impossible for man.

I sat frozen in the doctor’s office as I heard him explaining my husband’s diagnosis. There was no hope, no encouragement in his voice. He suggested we ‘get our affairs in order’ because my husband’s remaining life would be measured in months. But God stepped in and my husband is vibrant, alive, and cancer free now – twenty plus years later.

Some people question whether the miracles that happened during Jesus’ time on earth still occur in our world today. My answer is a resounding yes! I am an eye witness! The examples given here are but a precious few of the amazing things I have seen wrought by the hand of God. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His character does not change, His power is not diminished. By the working of His Spirit lives are still touched in ways that are beyond our wildest imagination.

The Father sometimes speaks in a still small voice and there are times when His miracles come in a quiet way: the heart, broken by grief, that is able to find solace and face life again; the family, shattered by tragedy, that gathers strength from the Master to keep going; or possibly the disabled individual that grasps the peace of God and communicates that to others in simple yet profound ways. The Lord is not limited – His miracles take many forms.

In my experience, the greatest of all miracles happens when someone realizes their need for a Savior. They choose to confess their sinful nature, surrender their will to the One who has loved them and died in their place, and receive the promise of new life in Christ. In that moment, a soul is miraculously transformed – once headed for hell, now bound for an eternity in Heaven. That’s a miracle I long to see over and over again!

“Congratulations! It’s a girl!”