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Hoyleton Author Pens First Novel, “A Simple Stitch”

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Local author Deb Obermeier, ABOVE, of Hoyleton, has released her first novel, “A Simple Stitch, A Common Thread”, BELOW, and will be giving a presentation on the book at the Nashville Public Library on Tuesday, September 8, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

By Alex Haglund

Eliza leads a simple but fulfilling life: she owns her own business, a sewing shop; she has a loving family with a rich history, she likes to cook, she has friends who she can relate to, and outside of town she owns her family’s old homestead, Slipknot Farm, still intact after generations. Eliza is a storyteller.

Maybe the most interesting things about Eliza though, is the fact that she doesn’t exist in the same world as us. Eliza was brought to life by author Deb Obermeier, or “Deb O” of Hoyleton, and lives in the minds of a growing group of readers.

Obermeier first book is “A Simple Stitch, A Common Thread”, and tells some of Eliza’s story, intertwining it with that of her nephew CJ and her family past and present, as well as the Friday Knit Out group that is like a second family to her.

Eliza’s sewing store, A Simple Stitch, is the namesake of the book, and its sign, a lamb bearing the name and “Est. Oct. 2010” is on the novel’s cover.

The date of establishment is important in both Eliza’s world and ours, because that’s when Obermeier was visiting her daughter and grandchildren. Emilee, Obermeier’s granddaughter, then 14, told her she should write a book, and worked with her on what the characters and story would be.

“I have always loved to write,” said Obermeier. Throughout the process of crafting this story, “I kept the family involved. We really had a good time back and forth.”

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