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New Series From Majo: Ideas For Gardens That Don’t Come From Gardening BooksMaster Gardener Scoop – September 2, 2015

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New Series From Majo: Ideas For Gardens That Don’t Come From Gardening Books

By Majo Bates – Master Gardener

I need this sign on my back door, bathroom door, and on the fridge in the kitchen. “HUMAN, just add coffee.” Yep! I have a confession to make – I’m an absolute bear in the morning when I haven’t had my coffee! I know, I should work on this, but I love my coffee…what does this have to do with gardening you ask?

Here goes! When the coffee is done, I dry out the grounds on some paper towels on the counter. Sometimes, I even lay them out on the picnic table on our deck. I hate for them to go to waste, so I’ve been using coffee grounds in the garden. It helps feed the plants and its one less thing that goes down the drain or into the trash can. I do have friends that put them in the compost pile, which is good also.

After I found out the following, I decided to go for coffee for more than just me!!

According to the 2015 National Coffee Drinking Trends Report done by the National Coffee Association USA, “the percent of Americans aged 18+ who drink coffee on any given day is 59%.” That’s lower than I would have guessed, but when you figure there are approximately 321 million people in the US, the actual number of people who drink coffee is nearly 189 million!!

No wonder there is a “coffee shop” on every corner!!! Most of these coffee shops put their used grounds in the garbage.

For More, Please Read The September 2, 2015 Edition Of The Nashville News.

Using coffee to water plants might not be a great plan, but using grinds for your compost is the perfect brew.