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Homecoming Is ApproachingNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – September 9, 2015

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

Homecoming at NCHS is scheduled for October 9. Our team is ready to hand Pinckneyville a loss and then our students will be celebrating by boogeying the night away on Saturday night October 10. Oh the memories of my homecoming pasts!

What to wear, what to wear? Guys have it pretty good for homecoming attire. A nice shirt, tie, and pair of pants always looks classy. A suit is a real wowser.

As a school administrator, I have become an advisor in female fashion. I’ve learned that dresses can be a challenge.

What is appropriate for a high school dance? Two key words come to mind… stylish and conservative. The goal is to allow the girls to look beautiful while keeping certain body parts appropriately wrapped. I’ve learned that the same dress can look completely different on two different body types. I guess that is why it is good to always try on the dress before purchasing. Girls need to not only check for the fit but should also check to see if the unmentionables will still be unmentioned during the dance! A safe bet….if you think Miley Cyrus would like the dress, don’t buy it!

The next stressor for me as a school administrator is the actual “dancing” that takes place during the gala. While bumping, grinding, twerking, and booty dancing may be viewed by some as acceptable at the MTV Music Awards, these are not acceptable dances for respectable high school students.

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Homecoming Is Approaching