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Ask A PastorSeptember 16, 2015

By Pastor Scott Osenbaugh,

The Healing Place (Nashville Assembly of God)

When she fell, the impact broke her neck. The doctors in the emergency room were convinced, on the evidence of the x-rays, that she would never walk again.

The doctors were wrong. Not only did she walk out of the ER on her own power, but she grew into a woman who loves to run. How do I know this? That girl, who was eleven years of age at the time of the accident, is my daughter, now a mother of two boys, one pre-teen and the other elementary age.

There’s not enough space for me to share in this column all the accounts of divine healing I have either witnessed or experienced, evidence that miracles are still for today. But miracles are not just bodily healing events; friends of ours have had miracles of finances, miracles of protection from impending harm, miracles of provision when there just didn’t seem to be any hope.

God never changes; on this the Bible is very clear. He did miracles in the days of the Israelites, He did miracles during the time of the apostles, and there is evidence of miracles occurring among Christians throughout history. There’s nothing in the Bible that definitively says miracles are going to come to an end, or have come to an end, or need to come to an end. Instead what we do read is of God’s present presence with His people and His continued interaction with them, including His manifesting of miracles in order to fully accomplish His will.

Miracles are not for the comfort and happiness of the ones who receive them, even though there will probably be no small amount of joy if a God-provided miracle happens. Events and happenings completely unexplainable from a human viewpoint occur because God is seeking the best to happen, and that best is the revelation and outworking of His perfect will. My own miracle of healing from a terminal disease wasn’t so much about my happiness as it was God intending to use what He did in me as a testimony to other people who perhaps are on the skeptical side of the fence. It really shouldn’t sound like something out of a sci-fi movie to believe in miracles from God; after all, He created all there is in six days, just by speaking it into existence. What we humans consider to be miraculous, beyond our own ability, is a normal expression of the power of God. That which amazes and often bewilders us is something coming straight from God’s strength, and is meant to be a blessing to those who receive from it.

Miracles are very much for today, just as God is “for today”, and tomorrow, and next week, and so on, forever. When the need arises, so do God’s miracles, manifestations of His great power and authority in and through His people to declare to every person and being that He is God, Jesus is alive, and the Spirit of God wants to work in the hearts and lives of all people.

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