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It Happened Here – September 16, 2015

Eighty Years Ago


Edwin Brickner of Venedy was fined $100 after pleading guilty to manufacturing and selling alcoholic liquors without a license.

Henry Holzhauer retired after 13 years from the trucking business.

Personal property assessments in Washington County rose $31,833 to $2,244,495 according to figures of the Board of Review.

A couple from Du Bois was arrested for selling milk from a farm where a case of typhoid fever existed.

Deaths: Rachel Rieger, formerly of Nashville; Mrs. Hester Seyler, formerly of Nashville; and Henry Lehde of Addieville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Elmer Going was appointed supervisor of Venedy Township to the unexpired term of E.H. Lietz.

Ralph Bartelsmeyer was rehired as Washington County Superintendent of Highways for six years.

Ed Petri was appointed Nashville City Marshall to fill the unexpired term of Martin H. Petri.

Florence Kramm, 11, climbed on an Illinois-Missouri flatcar which stopped in Nashville and rode to its stop in Kempside.

The New Temple School building was completed near Oakdale at a cost of $2,500. There were 28 pupils enrolled.

Kroger advertised round, sirloin and t-bone steaks for 27 cents a pound and a box of matches for 2 cents.

At the Nashville Lions Club Homecoming, Selma Ostendorf of Stone Church was crowned Washington County Queen.

Nashville High School had an enrollment of 231 pupils and the public grade school had 249 students.

Deaths: John Dick, of Okawville; and Arvil Carr of Todd’s Mill.

Seventy Years Ago


Al Waligorski became the proprietor of the Home Cafe in Nashville.

Fire destroyed the Ted Klaybor family home northwest of Du Bois. No one was hurt.

Roy Och’s store in Okawville was burglarized with the loss of a small amount of change.

Three dollars admitted an entire family to the annual Washington County Fair.

Pvt. John Auld of Oakdale returned home on furlough from overseas duty. He wore the Purple Heart ribbon with battle stars for the Battle of the Bulge, the Ruhr Pocket and the Rhineland.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moehle of Okawville received a personal note of congratulations from the Secretary of War for having four sons in the armed forces: Pvt. Edward Moehle in the Philippines; Lt. j.g. Charles Moehle with Admiral Halsey’s Third Fleet; Ensign Melvin Moehle at sea; and Lt. j.g. Robert Moehle in Japan.

Deaths: Mrs. Fred Schuessler, formerly of Washington County; and Margaret Kania of Du Bois.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Fred Niedermeyer was elected president of the senior class at Nashville High School. Other senior class officers were James Hanenberger, vice-president; Marilyn Russell, secretary; and Harold Seyler, treasurer.

Jerry Ackerman of Du Bois signed a major league baseball contract with the Cleveland Indians and was to report next spring to Daytona Beach, FL as a member of the Wilkes Barre Indians.

Dr. Walter Plassman of Ashley, a reserve officer in the Army Medical Corps, was recalled to active duty.

Enrollment at Nashville High School was 245 and at the grade school it was 252.

Deaths: Sam Markham of Nashville; Caroline Thielker, formerly of Covington; Clara Niermeier of St. Louis; George Krewinghaus of Venedy; and Caroline Pries of Hoyleton.

Sixty Years Ago


A large amount of whiskey and cigarettes were taken in a burglary of the Okawville American Legion Home.

The soybean crop support price was set at $2.06 per bushel.

Only four students were enrolled at the Moehring School near Okawville, the smallest of the 11 elementary schools in Washington County. The county also had four high schools and 10 parochial schools, of which five we Catholic and five were Lutheran.

Deaths: Ward Auld of Oakdale; Theodore Holle of Hoyleton; Sarah Foster of Ashley; Mrs. John Leadendecker of Okawville; and Ruth Schmidt of Okawville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The establishment of a Kaskaskia Regional Library District was defeated 4,581 to 1,639.

Films at the local theatre included “Because They’re Young” with Dick Clark and Tuesday Weld and “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” with David Niven and Doris Day.

Enrollment at Nashville High school was 317. The grade school enrollment was 377.

Ralph “Curly” Wallace suffered a fatal heart attack on his first day of work at the Washington County Lake site.

Other deaths: William Decker of Pilot Knob Township; Casimer Witt of Nashville; Carolina Buhr of Okawville; Edna Houston of Ashley; Herman Wecke of Hoyleton; Harvey Heanes of St. Louis; Hugh Woodside of Pinckneyville; and Otto Siebe, formerly of Okawville.

Fifty Years Ago


Stanley Niedbalski, who lived with his employer, Walter Hawkins, on Route 460 east of Nashville, died while being struck by two automobiles while walking home.

Other deaths: Walter Fredericking, 51, of Nashville; William Gaebe, 62, formerly of Addieville; Walter Obermeier, 69, of Okawville; Martha McLaughlin, 100, of Nashville; Irvin Bruggeman, 59, of Nashville; Daisy Belle Hogshead of Ashley; Harry Durham of Benton; and G. Edwin Popkess, 72, of East St. Louis, editor of the “Dairyman’s Journal.”

Forty-Five Years Ago


Donald “Pete” Doelling of Addieville received a burned hand and foot as he stepped down out of his truck, which had hit an electric wire.

Other deaths: Welley Weihe, 77, of Nashville; Mrs. Phillip Reinhardt, 88, of Okawville; John Barkau, 66, a native of Plum Hill; Tony Smith, 65, of Nashville; Elizabeth Brink, 89, of Irvington; Casmir Roznowski, 73, of Du Bois; Roland Sparks, 75, formerly of Nashville, and Fred Nadolski of Irvington.

Suchomski’s Store in Todd’s Mill was burglarized.

Forty Years Ago


Okawville was named a Bicentennial Community, the only municipality in Washington County so designated.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brinkley purchased the residence of the late Charles Huegely at 504 North Mill Street, believed to be one of the oldest houses in Nashville.

Deaths: Clarence Voelkel, 66, of Ashley; Marion Cunningham, 74, of Nashville; Rev. Abraham Wright, 79, of Gillespie; John Emert, 75; and Elza Stonecipher, 71, formerly of Richview.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Due to hot weather, Memorial Park pool remained open after its normal Labor Day closing from 3-5 p.m each weekday and 6-8 p.m on the weekend the pool was open from 2-4:30 p.m.

Thomas Gartee, 20, of Marissa was recaptured about five hours after he escaped from Washington County Jail.

Nashville Community High School varsity cheerleaders were Cathy Cripe, Stacee Bowlin, Kathy Ruggles, Crystal Kirgan, Clara Petot, Anne Tabacchi and Stephanie Stiegman.

Low rainfall and high temperatures caused heavy damage to the corn and soybean crops.

Billie Louis, 24, and her unborn child, of Pinckneyville were killed in an auto accident north of Nashville on Route 127.

Other deaths: Lester Fullerton, 79, of Coulterville; William Bell Sr., 70, of Nashville; Clara Schreiber, 82, of Nashville; Lawrence Hubert, 98, of Steeleville; Nelle Smith, 89, of Tamaora; Frank Deering, 78, formerly of Ashley; and Otto Muenter, 80, a native of Hoyleton.

Weddings: Diane Decker and Pau Toedte; Pamela Martinez and Bill Devine; and Gitta Andrus and John Brink.

Thirty Years Ago


The Washington County Board Agreed to a $600 per year across-the-board salary increase for all county employees. At the same time, the Board’s Personnel, Policy and Appointment Committee recommended a wage freeze in the second year of the two year budget proposal.

Deaths: William Hasnedel, 97, of Nashville; Artie “Bud” McMillian, 73, a native of Nashville; Paul Rueter, 72, of Marissa; Esther Gudermuth, 77, a native of New Minden; Vernor Mitchell, 82, of Irvington; and Helen Running, 58, of Irvington.

Weddings: Brenda Rybacki and David Langhauser; Elizabeth Dudek and Greg Hale; Mary Kostecki and Kenneth Klaybor; and Louise Szopinski and Donald Malawy.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Helen Collins accepted the call as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville.

John Ingalls of Nashville was hired as interim superintendent of Hoyleton School District 29.

Thirty-five county homes were tested for radon by the Cooperative Extension Service and test levels were below the accepted minimal level of exposure.

Breck Schilling was Okawville’s New Junior Miss.

Deaths: Paul Rabenort, 85, of Nashville; Naomi Smith, 75, of Nashville; Agnes Bening, 92, of Okawville; Henry Roetemeyer, 76, of Hoffman; Elise Roberts, 70, of Centralia; Sylvester Malinski, 71, of Tamaroa; Emma Brostmeyer, 96, of Pinckneyville; Wilma Easter, 44, of Willisville.

Weddings: Kelly Brink and Craig Scott; Frances Kiehn and Preston Carson.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Deon Randall (Debra Revelle) of Pittsburgh, IL, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hund (Shelly Jasper) of Okawville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Roam (Sandra Paszkiewicz) of Old Monroe, Mo., a daughter.

The county board hired Rick Greten to the full-time post of Washington County Zoning Administrator, Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Director and Safety Coordinator.

Twenty Years Ago


County board Chairman John Schubert cut a ribbon to mark the opening of the 13,000-square-foot Washington County Jail.

Area residents had plenty to do with the Nashville Fall Festival and Okawville Fair and Wheat Festival on the same weekend.

Justin Bathon planned to earn his Eagle Scout badge by repairing the Nashville City Hall tower clock, one of only six like it in the world.

Farmers and Merchants National Bank was paying 5.76 percent interest on 18-month certificate of deposit.

Deaths: Barbara Wroblewski, 52, of Radom; Lester Palek, 82, of Roxana; Edward Banaszek, 76, of St. Louis; Wilfred Oliver, 70, of Sackets Harbor, N.Y.; Ruth Lehnhoff, 80, of Fort Wayne, Ind.; Gertie Fouts, 96, of Irvington; Goldie Keppel, 91, of Sparta.

Wedding: Deborah King and Kent Kessler.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Todd Fuhrhop (Trina Mueller) of Lively Grove, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mossa (Sheri McCowen) of Du Bois, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Daren Martens of Oakdale, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Doug Snead (Geri Tomaszewski) of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Krohne (Denise Briggs) of Okawville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Randy Black (Pamela Gipson) of Irvington, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


A reunion of students from Prest, Dickey and Gravel Hill schools, all closed in the 1950s, was attended by 122 people.

Between 60 and 75 cartons of cigarettes were stolen from the Hoyleton Market.

Deaths: Frances Zgonina, 85, of Radom; Martha Jack, 91, of Mt. Vernon; Agnes Harvey, 89, of Nashville; Edna Ppolczynski, 70, of Belleville; Raymond Campbell, 89, of Nashville; Theresa Decker, 37, of Bluford; Jack Flanagan, 66, of Mt. Vernon.

Weddings: Autumn Majewski and Joshua Konkel; Jenny Earlinger and Kent Schuette; Erica Windler and Peter Beattie; Robyn Parks and Nathan Frederking; Heather Newman and Jeremy Smith.

Births: Michael and Tina (Meyer) Hanenberger of Hoyleton, a daughter; Mary Boester and Kelly Terry of Nashville, a son; Bryan and Christy (Rokicki) Pedtke of Nashville, a son; Ted Rynski and Kimberly Smolley of Ashley, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Lt. Col. Scott Sharp (ret.) recalled how he flew Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein out of the country after his capture. The Nashville man was General Norman Schwartzkopf’s personal pilot during the war.

Rick Greten and Matt Biermann returned from humanitarian missions in hurricane ravaged New Orleans.

Three dogs were killed when a wall collapsed at the Washington County Animal Shelter.

A new Chevy Cavalier was $9,999 at Meier Chevrolet-Buick.

Births: Kurt and Paula Mulling of Freeburg, a daughter; Terry and Linda Konkel of Belleville, a son; Rob and Kerry Henderson of Nashville, a son; Richard and Rebecca Wojtoowicz of Du Bois, a son.

Deaths: Frank Belinski, 90, of Nashville; Leona Borowiak, 83, of Ashley; Lester Meyer, 78, of Nashville; Donna Brookmann, 62, of Irvington; Karren Huebel, 53, of Mt. Vernon; Edward “Cotton” Fields, 61, of Woodlawn.

Weddings: Amber Johns and Aaron McCoy; Jennifer Krus and Dale Dressler; Matthew and Johanna McCleary.

Five Years Ago


The Nashville Police Department was proud to announce their first K-9 dog, the 16-month-old male German Shepherd, Diego.

Megan Lenzini received an award for five years of service at the Nashville Kroger.

It was announced that the first-ever Princess Parade would be held at the Nashville Fall Festival.

Nashville native Mike Ryterski was recognized in a Missouri ldest worker contest for spending 70 years as a grease maker for Schaeffer Manufacturing.

Amanda Caplinger and Cody Frese of Nashville, as well as their son, Aiden, announced plans for an October 9 wedding. Zachary Schuette and Chelsie Dexter announced their plans for an October 2 wedding. Nadia Hurley and Justin May announced their plans to wed on October 29. Bill and Frances (Kula) Smalley celebrated their 50th anniversary on Sept. 26.

Deaths: James A Castic, 86, of DuBois, September 11; Adala Michael, 91, of Nashville, formerly of Hoyleton, September 13.

It Happened Here