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The Importance Of The FFANCHS Superintendent’s Notes – September 16, 2015

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

When I was in high school, I have to admit that I didn’t really have a lot of knowledge about FFA and our ag program. The kids were referred to by those who didn’t understand FFA by terms such as “goat ropers”, etc. I thought FFA was just a club for kids who liked to wear plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and extremely large belt buckles. It wasn’t until later years that I came to appreciate what the FFA stands for.

I recently met with the officers from our NCHS FFA Chapter. The young men and women who met with me are confident, intelligent, and have something going for them. No plaid shirts, no cowboy hats, and no large belt buckles. They were sharply dressed in official FFA attire proudly wearing the blue and gold designated colors. It has been my experience that FFA members are some of the most dependable students in the school. When something has to be done, they seem to always be front and center with their willingness to help out.

FFA is a wonderful organization. It teaches students a great deal about responsibility and success. It fosters an attitude in young people of independence and self-reliance as demonstrated by the FFA Motto….”Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve”. As I read through the FFA Mission Statement, I found that when I removed the agriculture focus, the values are those that translate to success in any career.

A sampling of the FFA mission and objectives include “develop competent and assertive leadership”, “increase awareness of global and technological importance”, “strengthens confidence”, “promotes intelligent choice”, “encourages wise management of economic, environmental, and human resources”, “develops interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations, and social interaction”, “builds character”, “promotes healthy lifestyles”, and “encourages excellence in scholarship”. The FFA has found the formula that our students need to utilize in order to build a rewarding life.

We are fortunate at NCHS to have a FFA chapter who is committed not only agriculture but improving the quality of life for our students and community.

Mrs. Bond-Ledford is passionate about the program. Her students know that our ag classes and FFA are not a place to simply “kill time” or fill an hour in their schedule . They are serious, and successful, competitors in events held throughout the state.

I would encourage any student who is serious about developing traits that will be beneficial in their future to have an open mind and consider the benefits of what FFA can offer. Ag students at NCHS embody the motto and mission of the Future Farmers of America.

The Importance Of The FFA