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Sheriff’s Office Announces New Community Service

Washington County Sheriff Danny Bradac recently announced a new supervised community service program for offenders convicted of misdemeanors.

The program will allow offenders to work within the community under the supervision of jail employees as part of probation. Projects will include picking up trash, cleaning up debris from storm damage, removing graffiti, and other community-based tasks.

“We are looking to reduce the workload in the criminal justice system,” Bradac said. “This program will allow people to give back to the community, so everyone wins.”

Mike Edwards of National Law Enforcement Press will help Bradac in raising funds for the new initiative by seeking donations from area businesses and organizations.

Bradac said that the costs to start the program are minimal and will not come from the sheriff’s office budget.

“The main costs will be for getting vests for the workers and tools to do the work,” he said.

Anyone interested in supporting the new program can also contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 327-8274.