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Football Field Work Could Be Coming In 2016 At NCHS

By Alex Haglund

Next up on the list of building and grounds projects for Nashville Community High School will probably be work done on the football field bleachers and lighting, the school board building committee reported to the board at their regular meeting on Monday, September 21.

“It was a report from our facilities committee looking at some needs that are present with our football situation,” said District Superintendent Ernie Fowler. “Our bleachers are going to have to be replaced, probably sooner rather than later. Also, our football poles and lighting system is a bit of a concern. They’re going to have to be addressed in a fairly short order.”

The discussion was not an action item at this point, but rather the facilities committee keeping the rest of the board informed about the need for work. Fowler stated that there was a possibility that the board might be taking action at the October or November meetings.

“Of course, once it’s voted on, the replacement would probably take place in the spring or summer. Of course, we’re right in the thick of the season right now. We can’t do anything this season, the goal would be to have those things in place for next season.


The board held a budget hearing and then approved the budget presented at the August board meeting. This budget has around $379,000 in deficit spending in the education fund.

Between anticipated shortfalls from the State of Illinois of approximately $85,000 and $170,000 in general state aid and transportation payments, there is approximately $250,000 from the State of Illinois that the district should receive, but in all likelihood, will not.

“I know that our general state aid is prorated, so we kind of took a hit there,” said Fowler. “Part of that is some declining student enrollment in addition to the proration.”

Transportation money could also be lower than the district would hope.

“It remains to be seen,” said Fowler. “They have not been good about making all four transportation payments. We may get two, we may get three, but we’re supposed to get four payments each year. They usually advise us not to count on four.”

Student Discipline

Following closed session, the board voted that two students were expelled for gross disobedience and misconduct for the remainder of the school year. More information is not released in cases of student discipline.


English Instructor Bethany McQuiston was hired as the Freshman Girls Basketball Coach.

Jennifer Maschhoff’s title, formerly Special Education Coordinator – Curriculum Director is now Dean of Students – Special Education Coordinator. Other than the title change, Maschhoff’s role at NCHS will remain the same.