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Finke Sworn Into City Council

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By Alex Haglund

Sue Finke was sworn into the Nashville City Council at their regular meeting on the evening of Thursday, October 1.

Finke served on the council from 2007 through April 26 of this year. She did not seek reelection during the April 7 election, but was reappointed to the council after Dean Huge’s resignation from the council was announced at the September 17 meeting.


The council voted to approve an annexation of property owned by the Nashville Citizens Building Corporation.

Jay Colbrook of the planning commission spoke to the council and said that they had reviewed the corporation’s request for annexation and recommended it.

The property in question is 40 acres located in the area north of town near Holzhauer’s and Yachts To Sea. The council first approved the annexation, then approved rezoning the property from R1 to M1.

Water And Sewer

The water and sewer department had request for a raw water meter and paint clarifiers approved.

The raw water meter will cost $5,300. City crews will not be able to install it, so the installation will run another $3,000. Both the meter and the installation were approved from Haier Plumbing at a total cost of $8,300.

The paint clarifiers will be acquired with the aid of city engineers Curry and Associates. Curry and Associates will be seeking bids on the item.

The Nashville city water department was recognized by the state of Illinois for its work in fluoridation. The department has been recognized for fluoridation for 23 straight years now.


Chief Brian Fletcher said that the Nashville Police Department had hired Cyrus Satarzadeh, of Carbondale, as a new part time officer. Fletcher stated that the Department was still seeking someone to fill a full time position.

Sue Finke was sworn back into the Nashville City Council by City Attorney Bill DeMoss at the meeting held on Thursday, October 1.