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NashvilleOctober 7, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Books, Books, Books

Ever since I was able to read, I enjoyed reading books.

Comic books, the classic Dick and Jane series, eventually Shakespeare and the classic horror novel Dracula.

One year the older kids in my grade school were allowed to order a couple new library books each, if we did a book report on one of them.

I ordered a book of horse stories and a book about a swamp muskrat.

My report may have been sketchy from nervousness — getting up in front of a group of people you know is usually nerve-wracking.

But I guess I got through it, because I am still here.

I have gotten a lot of books over the years.

Last week during the Fall Festival, I bought a few dollars worth of books from the Nashville Public Library Book sale.

“I don’t need any more books!” I tell myself as I walk into the library.

“I don’t need any more books,” I say as I walk past the books set on tables, carts, and in boxes.

Maybe I will just see what they have, there may be something interesting. I will just look.

Wow, here’s a Stephen King book. I don’t have that in hardback, just on CD.

Here’s the whole Mary Stewart series about Merlin and King Arthur! Yeah, hardback copies are good, I lost my other copies.

Well, I may as well get a couple more books to round out that dollar.

Gee, I got three bags of hard back books for three dollars!

Now I really don’t need any more books!