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“Dentistry From The Heart” Day Provides Free Dental Work In Nashville

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By Alex Haglund

Dentistry From The Heart is a project started by a Florida dentist to provide free dental service for those who could not afford it otherwise. On Thursday, October 8, the Dental Center of Nashville held a Dentistry From The Heart Event where 54 patients received $14,809 worth of free dental work.

The event was first-come, first-served, and patients could select a cleaning, an extraction or a filling to be performed.

Dr. Jason Gladson of the Dental Center, along with Dr. Tim Roser of Carmi performed the work, with the aid of Gladson’s staff.

Along with his staff and Roser, Gladson was also assisted by area donors who helped him to put the event on, including the Newby family, Doehring Pharmacy, Nashville Savings Bank and Nashville Dairy Queen.

Gladson stated that his offices has plans to make Dentistry From The Heart a yearly event in Nashville, and that he hopes to be able to help even more patients at next year’s event.

Dr. Jason Gladson prepares to work on a patient at the “Dentistry From The Heart” event at the Nashville Dental Center on Thursday, October 8.