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It Happened HereOct. 14, 2015

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


The Roadview Tavern west of Nashville was destroyed by fire.

Voters in Hoyleton School District were to go to he poll Saturday to decide whether to issue $7,000 in bonds to supplement federal and local funds in erecting a new $36,000 two-year high school.

A new neon clock was installed in front of the J.D. Mann Mortuary on West Main Street in Nashville.

The Nashville City Council passed an ordinance to issue $10,000 worth of general obligation bonds for the proposed PWA sewerage system.

The Nashville News Depot, owned and conducted by Otto Cohlmeyer in Nashville, moved from the Watts Building to the Schroeder Building, vacated by the Gutzler Bakery. The room vacated by the newstand was taken over by the J.H. Hahne undertaking establishment.

Deaths: Frank Dreas of Du Bois; and William Greiman of Hoyleton.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Movies at the local theater included: “Haunted Gold” with John Wayne and “Dream Out Loud” with Lum and Abner.

Republican presidential candidate Wendell L. Wilke made a campaign speech in Nashville.

A total of 1,747 young men between the ages of 21 and 35 registered in Washington County under the Selective Service Act.

Arthur Thompkins Shaw, 26, of Richview and Fannie Sawyer, 62, of near Ashley were killed in a head-on auto cras on Route 51, south of Richview.

Other Deaths: Henry Bender of Du Bois; Otto Kraft of Nashville; George Arington, formerly of Nashville; and Henry F.W. Heseman of Hoyleton.

Seventy Years Ago


Local grocery prices included loin steak at 41 cents a pound, cabbage at 3 cents a pound and saltine crackers at 19 cents a box.

County boys back from battlefronts were: Staff Sergeant Virgil Hoelscher, First Sergeant Raymond Edmonds, T/4 Oscar Stelzreide, Private First Class Stanley Paszkiewicz, T/5 Jack Howe, Corporate George McClain, Private Walter Weeke, Sergeant Alex Piasecki, 2/C Dwight Taft, T/5 Edward Najewski, T/4 Arthur Kampe, Private Albert Kaufman, Private Jack Engelman, Corporal Freeman Keller, Private Carroll Kreher, Vernon Nagel, Fireman First Class Herschel Wilke, Naval Lieutenant Commander P.E. Green, Lieutenant Larry Reuss, Private Carl Krughoff, Sergeant Ray Small, John Geppert of the U.S. Navy, William Wilkey of the U.S. Navy, Technical Sergeant Clifford Greimann, Flight Officer Bruce McLean, Lieutenant Marshal Ragland, Sergeant Ray Kubicki and Everett Mayer.

Deaths: Henry Schorfheide of Nashville, Susie Lively of Nashville, Sara Jane Porter of Pilot Knob Township, and Bertha Mill of Ashley.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Bill Vogt was the winner of a local amateur talent night.

Beckmeyer’s anniversary sale featured women’s cotton sweaters for $1.98 each and men’s fur felt hats for $2.99 each.

Carlyle defeated Nashville 6-2 for the Tri-County Baseball League title.

An Okawville couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hassebrock, were killed when their pickup truck struck a L & N passenger train west of Okawville.

Other Deaths: Tom Lane of Nashville; Sadie Calloway of Nashville; William L. Meier of Nashville; Emil Barkau of Stone Church; Mae Boyd of Oakdale; Adam Oliver Lynch of Du Bois; Henry W. Keihn of Irvington and Louis Lowey of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago


Oscar Rinne retired after 47 years of service with the Nashville Savings and Loan Company.

D&H Television and Electric in Nashville advertised the new 1956 Crosley Custom V television.

A Greyhound bus and automobile transport truck collided at Addieville and injured 16 people, 7 seriously. Esther Lampe of Hoyleton and Gertrude Broviak of Ashley were passengers on the bus.

Deaths: Chester A. Absher of Okawville and Harold Stonum formerly of Nashville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


An egg with four yolks was discovered by Mrs. George Voss.

Joellenbeck Brothers in Okawville advertised 45-pound roll roofing for $1.95 and asphalt shingles for $7 per square.

The Addieville Market had a quitting business sale.

Governor William Stratton arrived in his helicopter for brief speeches at Ashley, Nashville and Okawville. Governor Stratton was campaigning for a third term.

The Nashville Hornets won their first football game played under the lights by a score of 7-0 against University High School of Carbondale.

Deaths: Stanley Hildebrand, 44, of Nashville; Constanty “Charlie” Bauza,71, of Ashley; Mary Law, 85, of Nashville; Martin Stockton, 71, of Ashley; Martha Ahlers, 81, of St. Louis; Herman Schoeneberg, 83, of Campbell Hill; J.F. Cameron, 81, of Richview; William C. Kult, 85, of Tamaroa; Mrs. V.E. Modglin, 62, of Irvington.

Fifty Years Ago


Gas flowed into the newly constructed underground distribution mains of Illinois Power Company near Hoyleton.

The Top Star Milk Company plant in Nashville suffered extensive loss when robbers made off with a Ford truck, adding machine, typewriter, calculator and about $1,000 worth of shop tools.

Raymond Pitchford of Nashville and William Groennert of Addieville were honored after serving as directors of Tri-County Electric Cooperative for 25 years.

Deaths: Thomas Najewski, 78, of Radom; Bertha Kujawa, 70, of Ashley; Emilie Louise Grefe, 85, of New Minden; Martha Elizabeth Buchmueller, 81, formerly of Okawville; Dora Hopp, 65, of Pinckneyville; George Juenger, 68, of New Athens; Wilma Meffert Schwartz of St. Louis; Florence Strate, 63, of Springfield and Frank C. Schlechte, 81, of Belleville.

Forty-Five Years Ago


The Washington County Board of Supervisors pledged $3,000 to the hospital building fund. The money was taken from the County’s share of state income tax.

Melvin O. Moehle of Washington received the highest award of the American Nursing Home Association at its 21st annual convention in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Of the seven banana plants growing in the yard of Mrs. Paul Koester in Hoyleton, two had produced bananas.

Deaths: Alice Sikorski, 81, of Nashville; Reverend Albert B. Gaebe, 84, a native of Addieville; Lorn A. Currier,60, of Nashville; Lydia Arning, 82, of Centralia; Carrie Reynolds, 74, of Ashley; Richard Porter, 76, of Nashville; John Hettenhausen, 79, of Plum Hill; Marshal F. Coffel, 85, of Du Bois; Viola L. Poirot, 65, of Belleville; Callie Mayer, 85, of Richview; Walter Barciszewski, 49, of Du Bois and Frederick Allen, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Roethlisberger.

Forty Years Ago


The Old Exchange National Bank in Okawville celebrated the 65th anniversary of the bank’s founding.

Workers broke ground for a new Dairy Queen/Brazier on Route 127 in Nashvile.

Albert Behrman of Coulterville, formerly of Okawville, purchased the IGA store in Okawville from Adolph “Lefty” Schambon. Behrman originally owned the store, which was sold to his brother, Butch, who later sold it to Schambon.

Reverend John Gasiunas, 71, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in East St. Louis, was honored at a reception on the occasion of his retirement.

Deaths: Walter Brueggemann, 80, of Nashville; Ben Carson, 91, of St. Louis; Edward Braswell, 71, of Ashley; Louisa Dintelman, 75, of Marissa; James Lathrop, infant son of Robert and Audrey Lathrop of Joliet; Steve Smugala, 82, of Nashville; Andrew Deering Sr., 74, of rural Ashley; Florence Renneker, 55, of Belleville and Minnie Freimuth, 92, of Lowell, Florida.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Anne Tabacchi was crowned Nashville Community High School homecoming queen.

September rainfall of 4.51 inches brought the yearly total in Washington County to 20.68 inches, far below the normal 31.76 inches.

Washington County’s unemployment rate was 7.9 percent.

Deaths: Wilmer J. Juenger, 60, of Okawville; Arthur E. Pelka, 37, of Radom; Lois S. Riead, 85, of Tamaroa; Edna E. Mettler, 80, of Highland; Peter Staszek, 70, a native of Oakdale; George Brockmeier, 86, a native of rural Okawville; Cecilia K. Bronke, 91, of rural Tamaroa; Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rice, 93, of Du Quoin and Fred Krone, 84, of rural Tamaroa.

Thirty Years Ago


Washington County was issued a state tax multiplier of 1.0.

Dr. E.H. Reinhardt moved his dental office from the second floor of the Hohman building in Nashville after 51 years at that address.

The Washington County Board denied a request for a zoning change to allow the establishment of a mobile home sales office on Route 51 south of Wamac, despite a positive recommendation from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams of Nashville purchased the Nashville Skating Rink from Ralph Leonard.

Susan Thompson of Oakdale won a trip to Nashville Tennessee, in a St. Louis Missouri, radio contest.

Fireman Bill Ferguson of Radom was slightly injured in a house fire that did considerable damage to a home on Broadway street in Du Bois.

Deaths: Kenneth Potter, 63, a native of Ashley; George R. Lee, 84, of rural Tamaroa; Gertrude Mary Pestka, 54, of Scheller; Barbra Gajewski, 91, a native of Scheller and Ruth Marie Bailey, 52, of rural Irvington.

Wedding: Brenda Sue Kreger of Du Bois and Alan Blake Gossett.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Brad Small, attorney-at-law, joined the staff of Farmers and Merchants National Bank as their full-time legal counsel.

The Nashville City Council set October 30th and 31st as Trick or Treat nights.

The City of Ashley and the Village of Du Bois agreed to help finance a portion of the county’s participation n the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force.

Loraine Borgman of Okawville and Janet Weeke of Addieville were elected to the Borad of Directors of Washington County Senior Services.

Residents of Irvington Township and Grand Prairie Township in Jefferson County were being informed at meetings about the proposed Irvington Fire District.

The Nashville High School class of 1940 held their 50th class reunion.

A seat belt safety program was presented at the Nashville Primary School.

Deaths: Frona Mydler, 89, of Woodlawn; Frank Schaefer, 66, of Nashville; Veronica Winski, 96, of Collinsville; Anna Baugh, 62, of St. Libory; Ralph Pelker, 72, of Kingman, Arizona; Mason Newell, 79, of Scheller.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Rick Maschhoff of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. David Forys of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. James Aholt of Lees Summit, MO, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mozelewski of Nashville, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


Mandy Reves was crowned NCHS Homecoming queen.

A lawsuit filed against the Village of Okawville by former Police Chieft Roy Glasscock over a three-day suspension was settled.

Pinckneyville was one of five sites under consideration by the state for a new prison.

The Bridges of Madison County was the feature at the State Theater.

Michael A. Krus was killed in a fire in his mobile home in Nashville.

Other Deaths: Clara Smith, 79, of Nashville; George Bahre, 78, of Coulterville; Richard Berger, 75, of Centralia; Selma Porter, 62, of Coulterville; Robert Hunt, 72, of Sandoval; Florence Newman, 87, of Richview; Leo Baker, 77, of Coulterville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. David Meier (Linda Klutho) of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Suchomski (Sandra Nadolski) of Radom, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Beetley (Francine Szopinski) of Coulterville, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


JoJulien Hicks was sentenced to death in Marion County for the murder of Dale Wagner of Nasvhille; Hornet golfers Danielle Kaufman and Scott Thrailkill advanced to the state tournament.

A half-gallon of milk was 99 cents and a 12-pack of soda was $2.79 at Kroger.

Deaths: Norman Hassler, 69, of Nashville; Harry Granneman, 83, of Richview; Leo Holtz, 71, of Ashley; Dorothy House, 67, of Nashville; Rose Barthel, 99, of Ingleside; Hulda Sterns, 89, of Oakdale; Alberta Gill, 78, of Nashville; Russell Herbert, 69, of Belleville Emma Evans, 94, of Ashley; Genelee Copus, 71, of Pinckneyville; Alice Hill, 86, of Pinckneyville; June Lee,74, of Glen Carbon; Donald Holcomb, 70, of Tilden; Margie Truetken, 95, of Sparta; Peggy Green, 90, of Du Quoin; Wilma Eisenhour, 75, of Belleville; Helen Benedict, 74, of Cutler.

Wedding: Kimberly Sandheinrich and Kurt Heckert.

Births: Stephanie Jack and Grant Barton, a daughter; Cory and Susan (Niedbalski) Swartzkopf of Nashville, a daughter; Nicole Baysinger and Lee Derixson of Irvington, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Roxzen Polczynski was crowned NCHS Homecoming queen.

An Ameren representative presented a $5,000 donation to the Community Center of Nashville.

Nashville Volunteer Fire Dept. put a new truck into service that could pump 750 gallons per minute, three times more than the older model.

Darren and Patty Martens were recognized for 20 years at Nashville Kroger.

Meier Chevrolet-Buick offered a new Chevy Cavalier for $9,999.

Births: Julia and Bradley Haege of Nashville, a daughter; Ryan and DeeAnn (Lake) Renken of Shiloh, a son; Melissa and Brad Sanders of Nashville, a son.

Deaths: Robert Haltenhoff Sr., 76, of Richview; Charlene Hermeling, 60, of Centralia; Michael Rozanski, 92, of St. Louis; Donna Hall, 60, of Ashley, Edna Kreger,86, of Scheller; Marcella Frech, 81, of Lenzburg; Violet Campbell, 73, of Granite City; Ivan Castens, 71, of Steeleville.

Five Years Ago


The city of Nashville prepared for the leaves to drop, evaluating their leaf burning ordinance. No action was taken on the item.

Deer-vehicle collisions were up 21-percent from 2009.

The Hornettes Golf team won their sectional title and were bound for the state championship.

Nashville native Lt. Col. David May retired from the U.S. Air Force after 22 years of service.

Births: Alexander and Ethan Buhse, twins, born September 23, to Michael and Jessica (Kania) Buhse, of St. Charles, Mo.

Weddings: Darlene Grewe and Rick Moeller were wed on July 24; Erin Polczynski and Ryan Cook were wed on September 5; Shannon Lackey and Joseph Calza were wed on September 25.

Deaths: Barbara Phillips, 78, of Centralia, October 9; Max Gaffner, 83, of Breese, October 10; Linda Piasecki, October 4; Edmond Hudspeth, 89, of Nashville, formerly of Oakdale, October 8.