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City Council Approves Ordinances

The Nashville City Council met on October 15, and approved 3 ordinances for things that were previously discussed. The first ordinance was to increase the speed limit on Mockingbird Road from Rt. 127, west to the end of the city limits. The current speed limit of 30 miles per hour will be changed to 40 miles per hour beginning on Monday October 26.

The second ordinance approved involved the 40 acres of land north of town near Holzhauers, which is owned by the Nashville Citizens Building Corporation. The Nashville Citizens Building Corporation wanted the land to be annexed into city limits. The last ordinance, also involving the same land, allowed for the land to be rezoned from residential to manufacturing. This will allow the Nashville Citizens Building Corporation to either sell or develop the land.

The council also approved the hiring of full time police officer Kim Neuner. Neuner has been working as a dispatcher for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. She will attend the Police Academy in January, once she joins the police. Also, upgrades were approved to the new Explorer for the K-9 unit. The upgrades include the explorer to be fitted with a partition in the back seat, and a new radio. These upgrades are not to exceed $6,200. Also a new video camera will be installed on the K-9 unit, but the money will come from DUI Funds.

The council also approved the hiring of Nathan Hart III for a job in the Utilities Department to replace Kyle Krupp.