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First Quarter Junior Hornet Award Winners

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Fifty-six Nashville Middle School students have been recognized for the first nine weeks with the school’s Junior Hornet Award.

In order to be recognized, first faculty members nominate Middle School students. Nominations are based on eight different characteristics exemplifying good school citizenship traits. Included in those traits are the student’s willingness to work towards their ability level, their attitude, respect for others, their cooperation, and their willingness to seek improvement, among others. Once the nominations are approved by the entire faculty, the student receives the award. Students may earn the award only once each school year.

Students who earn the “Junior Hornet Award” have their pictures displayed at the Middle School as well as having the group’s picture published in The Nashville News.  Certificates of recognition are awarded and the students are treated to lunch.

8th BW.jpg

8th Grade FRONT: Rileigh Storck, Emily Johnson, Madison Schuette, Kinze Fox, Olivia Cook, Alyx Wright, Cat Fullerton, Micah Arnold. BACK: Jackson Aulds, Justin Aulds, Billy Moon, Tanner McFeron, Jeffery Lawhorn, Meghan Felts, Gavin Love. Not Pictured: Lexi Smith

6th BW.jpg

7th Grade FRONT: Brianna Schorfheide, Grace Ruehl, Courtney Hallock, Ashlyn Frazier, Natasha Migliore, Owen Holle, Dawson Metcalf BACK: Kiley Heidel, Reagan Burke, Carlie Anderson, Preston Dagner, Jaxon Goforth, David Aronld, Ethan Oelze, Bryce Donato

5th Grade FRONT: Daci Finke, Olivia Wiggers, Seldon Kozuszek, Trey Reinburg, Emma Grathwohl, Paige Greten. BACK: Colton Oelze, Hope Liszewski, Jill Kuhl, Abigail Ferrel, Abby Kessler.

6th Grade FRONT: Ella Jones, Daphne Kollbaum, Nolan Heggemeier, Jordan Donato, Drake Sturgill, Thomas Nattier. BACK: Michael Combs, Kolten Gajewski, Ella Reed, Annie Ahlers, Emme Paszkiewicz, Brooklynne Luessenheide, Colton Wolters.