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It Happened HereOctober 21, 2015

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


The Fort Chartres Chapter of the Daughters of The American Revolution dedicated monuments at the Oakdale Cemetery marking the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers Thomas McClurkin and George Cherry.

Morris Gaebe was to play Tom Sawyer and Lester Meyer was to portray Huck Finn in the Nashville High School play. Other cast members included Leona Jankowski, Margaret Rinne, Viola Fredericking, Eugene Klosterhoff, Ina Ditterline, Flora Meinert, Margaret Finke, and Robert Day.

Norman Maxwell, 15, was struck by an automobile as he was riding his bicycle.

Deaths: George Ahlf of Nashville; Martin Oexeman, 18, of Cordes; William Seyler of Johnson City; Edna Reinhardt of Los Angeles, CA; John Kucharski of Radom; and Mrs. Gottlieb Struckmeyer of Hoyleton.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


T.L. Hoef opened a Gambles store in Nashville.

The Evangelical Church of Irvington celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Deaths: Regina Huck of North Prairie; Minnie Strate of Okawville; Clara Law of Nashville.

Seventy Years Ago


Joseph Maxwell was elected commander of the Nashville American Legion Post.

A total of 2,367 students were enrolled in 83 county public and private schools. Those schools with enrollment totals under 10 included: Taylor, Grand Point, Johnson, Bend, White, Fairview, Dry Arm, Kerry, Elm Point, Pleasant Hill, Bethel, White Oak, Grattendick, Liberty, Elkendier, Locust Creek, Carson, Zetzsche, Helbig, Bottom Prairie, Plum Hill, Schwiering, Temple and Dickey.

Local grocery prices included veal roasts at 26 cents a pound and large bologna at 27 cents a pound.

Major Charles Longwell received his discharge from the Army Air Corps and resumed his civilian medical practice.

Other county boys who returned home were: Cpl. Wesley Jones of Nashville; Pvt. William Seidenstricker of Ashley; Sgt. Robert Bogle of Nashville; T/5 George Flauaus of Addieville; Pvt. Elmer Beckmeyer of Irvington; Pvt. Winifred Seibert of Richview; Sgt. Lawrence Patton of Oakdale; Pvt. Freeman Kaser of Nashville; and T/5 Felix Kozuszek of Nashville.

Deaths: Ernst Aldag of Hoyleton; Mrs. Christ Meinert of New Minden; and Edward Wehmeyer of St. Genevieve, MO.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


The retail price of soda rose from 5 cents to 10 cents a bottle. Beer was expected to increase from 15 to 20 cents.

Hohman’s Shoe Store in Nashville advertised Weatherbird Oxfords for $6.98 a pair.

The sample ballot for the November election showed Republican candidates in Washington County were: P.E. Green for county judge; Paul Johnson for county clerk; Albert Gorman for sheriff; Theodore Lehde for treasurer; and Kenneth Frieman for superintendent of schools. Democratic candidates were: Joseph Maxwell for county judge; Rufu Hoffman for county clerk; Theodore Grzegorek for sheriff; Albert Vogt for treasurer; and Martin Schaeffer for superintendent of schools.

Charles Towell was called to the active reserves. Those who enlisted were Dale Beimfohr, Robert Helms and Eugene Rabenort of Okawville (Air Force) and Robert Briesacher of Ashley (Army).

Deaths: William Ledebur of Belleville, a native of Addieville; William Aussieker, formerly of Hoyleton; and Alonzo Howard of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago


FBI agents arrested Floyd Ipcock in connection with an attempted burglary of the Farmers State Bank in Offerle, KS.

Sixteen persons were injured when a Greyhound bus and a tractor trailer collided in Addieville.

Scott’s Drug Store advertised Vacagen Oral Vaccine to prevent colds.

Cheerleaders elected at Ashley High School were: Norma Scherer, Nancy Kretz, Caroline Jankowski and Jean Dawkins.

Ted Keil of Du Bois was seriously injured in a coal fall at Orient Mine No. 3 in Waltonville.

Deaths: Herman Bohbrink of Addieville; Lena Renken of Nashville; Henry Rabenort of St. Louis; and Fred Seefeldt of Stone Church.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


W.H. Brethauer retired after 40 years in the plumbing business.

Two barns on the Walter Gajewksi farm in Bolo Township were destroyed by fire.

St. Luke Lutheran Church in Covington celebrated its 75th anniversary.

A Washington County Professional Nurses group was organized. Elected president was Mrs. Robert Smith; vice-president, Mrs. William Lesko; and secretary-treasurer, Mary Ksycki of Du Bois.

W.A. Moehle, president of the Old Exchange National Bank in Okawville, was given a surprise testimonial dinner for his 50 years with the bank.

Nashville’s first home football game to be played under the lights featured University High of Carbondale.

Walter Liszewski, 22, of Ashley was killed when his automobile overturned on a county road southwest of Ashley.

Gaylord DuBois, 26 and Donald L. Cunningham, 27, of Mt. Vernon were killed in an automobile accident west of Ashley.

Other deaths: Mrs. Earl Fisher, formerly of Nashville; Mrs. Lewis Elders of Carterville; and Frank Langa of the Ashley-Woodlawn area.

Fifty Years Ago


Janice Fredericking of Brentwood, MO, formerly of Nashville, was selected to represent Theta Xi social fraternity at the University of Missouri in Rolla as its homecoming queen candidate.

Norman “Sonny” Rehbein, 22, of Okawville, lost his life following a car- truck accident on the St. Libory-Venedy road. His automobile sideswiped a pickup truck driven by Henry Pieper, 72, of Venedy. Pieper escaped injury.

Other deaths: Joseph Grabowski, 87, of Du Bois; Alex Schott, 51, of Woodlawn; Earle Burson, 70, father of Mrs. Clarence DeMoss of Nashville; Neil Hill, 92, a native of Ashley; Carrie Schaefer, 81, formerly of Okawville; Louis Erb, 52, formerly of Oakdale; and George Fisher, 76, of Irvington.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Junior Stiegman had a net scratch of 159 for 36 holes and Dick Ruggles had a net score of 176 less his handicap (32) for a 36-hole handicap score of 144, landing them each a first-place trophy in their respective divisions at the Washington County Golf Tourney.

Frank Foehr and his wife of Ashley were honored upon his retirement after 41 years as a rural letter carrier.

Deaths: Judith Zmudzinski, 23, of Columbia; Opal Kleeman, 64, of Mt. Vernon; Gilbert Jones, 64, formerly of Nashville; Edward Spotanski, 79, of Du Bois; J. Stelmaszewski, 91, of Scheller; Willard Sprehe, 54, of New Minden; and Edward Coulter, 84, a native of Lively Grove Township.

Forty Years Ago


The queen candidates at Nashville Community High School homecoming were Sara Borowaik, Mary Droste and Linda Neuhaus.

Frank Zimmerman of Nashville grew a 7 ½-pound sweet potato.

An eight-pound bag of Florida oranges or white grapefruit were advertised at $1.19.

Deaths: Anna Weihe, 85, of New Minden; Mrs. Wave Gaber of Alton; John Ferguson of Centralia; Mrs. Karl Odenwald, 83, of Arnold MO; Robert Bogle, 68, of Nashville; Thomas Boal of Winnetka; Prudence Ziarnek, 71, of La Porte, IN; Charles Coleman, 73, of Ashley; Alma Beckmann, 83, of Shattuc; Myrtle Simmons, 79, of Nashville; and Emma Hohman, 80, of St. Louis.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


In August, there were 499 persons on public aid in Washington County, an increase of 11 over the previous year.

Homemade bulk style sausage was $1.39 a pound and sirloin steak was $2.39 a pound at Reinkensmeyer’s store in Hoyleton.

Deaths: Emil Hoepker, 77, of Addieville; Mathilda Buchmueller, 90, a native of Okawville; Fred Becker, 18, of Hoyleton, killed in a one-car accident on the Hoyleton-Beaucoup blacktop; and Sandra Jefferson, 32, a native of Nashville.

Weddings: Alene Porter and David Hylla; Connie May and Dwaine Campbell; Ruth Kellison and Phillip May; Judy Unverfehrt and Phillip Palm; Vicky Thole and Marvin Buss; Karen Athmer and Glen Marquard; and Julie McIntyre and Bradley Smith.

Thirty Years Ago


The Washington County Board raised the salaries of the county clerk, treasurer and circuit clerk to $24,000 each.

Shirley Clayton was named Washington County Business and Professional Woman of the Year.

Michael Gewe performed the first eye surgery at Washington County Hospital, a cataract implant.

Deaths: Lawrence Moeller, 60, of Nashville; Lawrence McCord, 86, of Oakdale; Amanda Meyerbeer of Pinckneyville; Anna Barnowski, 89, of Nashville; Bertha Matecki, 77, of Du Bois; Dorothy Roberts, 78, of Tamaroa; Arnold Rixmann, 83, of Hoyleton; Lt. Col. Josephine Sherman, 73, a native of Ashley; Walter Noland, 88, of Godfrey; Ella Grattendick, 85, formerly of Addieville; Elma David, 80, a native of Oakdale; and Calvin Johnson, 87, of Belleville.

Weddings: Mona Haier and Kevin Mense; Marie Staniszewski and Chris Zelasko; and Michelle Paszkiewicz and James Schmidt Jr.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Sara Kirchner was selected Homecoming Queen as NCHS.

The proposed budget submitted by the county board was $3,561,630 with the largest single item being $103,825 for employee health insurance.

Nashville Public Library received a per capita grant of $3,186 and an automation grant of $2,000. The Ashley Public Library received $658 and $339.28

Ashley School Board approved the proposed salary agreement for certified and support personnel. It increased the base salary to $16,300 for a beginning teacher with a bachelor’s degree.

Washington County Hospital Board of Directors approved the purchase of a Phillips LXC-Imager (CT scanner) at a cost of $521,000.

Deaths: Ralph McCain of Nashville; Earl Simpson of Los Angeles, CA; Walter Novak, 32, of Columbia; Cecilia Bauza of Belleville; Norman Beck of Columbia; Florence Murray of Ashley; and James Iler of Belleville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dalman of Ashley, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Brain Liszewski of Du Bois, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ahlers of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kidwell of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thompson of Centralia, a daughter.

Weddings: Michelle Grzegorek and Thomas Keller; Kristy Lane and Jason Brink.

Twenty Years Ago


Washington County Hospital Board discussed a $285,000 construction project to make room for a Home Health Care offices.

St. John’s Lutheran Church in New Minden was looking into the possibility of providing a day care center.

Peter Torres completed an Eagle Scout project to place markers on the graves of veterans from the War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War at Beaucoup Cemetery.

Ruth Barczewski was elected president of Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Banana splits were 99 cents at Dairy Queen.

Deaths: Boleslaw Pas, 86, of Woodlawn; Frank Fruin, 67, of St. Jacob; Alva Clark, 81, of Nashville; Ray McCormick, 66, of Nashville; Mabel Roethemeyer, 79, of Centralia; Alma Gresham, 79, of New Minden; Herman Wiebler, 74, of Carlyle, Pearl Mank, 78, of Nashville; Irene Hadley, 98, of Centralia; Hiram Borchelt, 78, of Johnston City.

Weddings: Malinda Patton and Timothy Kellerman.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kozuszek of Oakdale, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Ken Malick of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stegman of New Baden, a daughter; Dana Williams and Billy Joe Hails of Woodlawn, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mitchell of Nashville, a son; Randall and Suzann Segatto of Springfield, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Nashville High School Board discussed changes in the way recipients of chair seats for boys basketball games were chosen.

The BCMW office moved to the former sheriff’s office next to the courthouse.

Work began on a 7,000 square-foot addition to St. Ann School that included a multi-purpose room, two classrooms, a stage, quilting area and storage room.

Norrenberns Truck Service was named an outstanding family business by the Family Business Forum by SIUE.

Rev. William Causer, pastor of Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ in Hoyleton celebrated 30 years of ministry.

Deaths: Violet Hunt, 83, of Nashville; Selma Hanenberger, 93, of Hoyleton; Maude King, 70, of Tamaroa; Kevin Minor, 43, of Waltonville; Bernice Clark, 72, of Cahokia.

Weddings: Erica McNicol and Robert Redman; Rev. Jeffrey Schwab and Sara Loos.

Births: Jeff and Andrea Hoffman of New Minden, a daughter; Matt and Denise Krohne of Okawville, a son.

Ten Years Ago


The successful effort to convert the abandoned Nashville Primary School into the Community Center of Nashville was recognized with a Governor’s Hometown Award and a shot at the Governor’s Cup, the state’s top volunteerism award.

Hornet golfer Ryan Keller and Okawville’s Jordan Schwankhaus gained berths at the state tournament.

Three pounds of apples cost $1.99 and grapes were $1.28 a pound.

Lisa Domer, 29, of Mascoutah and her 2-year-old son, Daga, were killed in an automobile accident.

Other deaths: Nelson Christ, 56, of Okawville; Ruth Tyberendt, 81, of Hoffman; Luch Buehne, 98, of Starke, FL; Kathryn Bohart, 92, of Nashville; James Trost, 86, of Overland, MO.

Births: Mike and Natalie Agalita of Jacksonville, FL, a son; Jeff and Jessica Melching of Manchester, MO, a son.

Five Years Ago


St. Louis Police Officer and Nashville native Lucas Roethlisberger was critically injured after being shot by Kim Dwayne Cobb, Jr. while on duty.

Traffic signs all across the county were replaced using funds from a federal grant.

Following a hot some, Alan Blumhorst of Rainbow Ranch found bunches of fruit groing on his banana tree.

Governor Pat Quinn announced a $45.4 million project to expand fiber optic broadband infrastructure in rural Illinois, including Washington County.

Rev. Scott and Rev. Syd Osenbaugh celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary.

Deaths: Waldemar Hermeling, 89, of Okawville, October 14; Carol May, 66, of Ashley, October 15