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Letter: A Time To Choose

A Time To Choose

First we would like to thank the clergy and other participants for being a part of the national respect for life visual “Life Chain” cross along Routes 127 and 15 on October 4th.

Congressional committees are investigating Planned Parenthood (PP) administrators and abortionists who have been charged with potentially illegal acts in the fetal-tissue trafficking industry. Investigations were ignited after the release of 10 shocking audio and video recordings. Twenty-four year old David Daleiden and several young pro-life people went undercover for nearly three years to record business conversations with PP top-level executives to hear from their own mouths of their profit motive for selling baby parts.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released the videos, which show the slaughter of defenseless and innocent babies, and expose the lucrative styles of marketing baby organs, eyes, and extremities, etc. One video shows PP senior director of medical services casually discussing over lunch the altering of abortion procedures, so as to be less “crunchy,” and therefore more valuable to buyers of freshly extracted baby parts.

The 10 CMP videos were condensed into a one-hour long video available on YouTube, or, or Or visit Alert dated September 17 (A Battle Worth Fighting to the End) to watch a one-minute video (warning: extremely graphic), or to send a prepared e-mail to your elected officials. Visit To read transcripts, or watch videos, go to

Federal law prohibits buying or selling of human body parts. The videos call into question violation of either the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, or the Partial Birth Abortion Act—or both; and potential fraud by fees charged for packing and shipping to the pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic industries, universities, etc. For example, to receive a donated baby brain the charge would be $990, for kidney $125, pancreas $100.

Is our nation’s “Abortion Holocaust,” of 60 million souls less inhumane than the Hilterian German Holocaust of 12 million souls? September 17 was Constitution Day. Americans were reminded that ours is a government by “consent of the governed,” and of representative government. We can ask our elected officials to defund the ½ billion tax dollars our government gives to Planned Parenthood, whose president’s annual salary is about $500,000. They are the largest provider of abortions, which make up 40% of their profit, and 94% of pregnant women abort their babies at a PP facility rather than receive prenatal care or adoption referrals. Other providers give more expansive or better care than PP, and we can ask that our government instead choose to give our tax dollars to any one of the thousands of women’s health care clinics that exist, and are more deserving. Congressman John Shimkus voted to end taxpayer funding of PP. See his excellent and informative letter of September 20.

Thank you,

Shirley Vernon, President


Joan Cobb, Vice President


Washington County Right to Life