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NashvilleOctober 21, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

The Legend of the Magic Mirror,

Part One

Not long ago in my research I ran across a manuscript that I thought I would share.

It was in an old, crumbling book that I found in a Goodwill in St. Louis.

Now as you know, I can’t resist an interesting book, and this was a most interesting one. The title was “Hauntings and Horrors in Southern Illinois.”

One evening, curled up in my favorite chair, cat sleeping on my lap, with a nice hot cup of coffee by my elbow, I opened the book and started reading.

The stories were fascinating, and before I knew it, I was about one – third of the way through. Then I came across the loose pages in the book.

They were hand – written on old, yellowing parchment paper, the kind people used in the early Twentieth Century.

I looked the pages over carefully. They seemed to be written with old ink, with small blotches as if it had been written with a pen that you dip in an ink bottle.


I looked in the front of the book. It was published about mid-twentieth century, younger than the pages I had found.

The pages were not bound in any way, nor were they creased as if to put in an envelope.

There was no “Dear —–,” nor “Love, —-”, so it was not a letter.

It started with these words : “Beware of the Magic Mirror.”