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Sadie Hawkins DanceNCHS Superintendent’s Report

Sadie Hawkins Dance

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

Here we are in late October. We are in the scariest time of year for our young ladies. Yes girls, for one event, you get to experience the same gut-wrenching fear that the guys suffer throughout the year. Of course, I’m talking about the Sadie Hawkins Dance! This time, ladies, you get the stress of having to ask the gentleman for the date. The Sadie Hawkins Dance puts the shoe on the other foot. It is the young ladies who must take the risk of the scariest of all questions……will you go out with me? I recently asked a few of our high school girls about the dating process. The young ladies all reported that it is still more common for the girl to wait on the guy to do the asking. The exception……Sadie Hawkins.

The guys know about the dating gauntlet. It has been a few years since I was a 16 year old boy but, in my day, it went something like this… First, you spot the lady who catches your fancy. Next, you begin an innocent conversation with the lady to evaluate her dating status. Heaven forbid you strike up a conversation with the girlfriend of Olag, the 250 pound linebacker on the football team. Once you determine the young lady is a free agent, and then it is time turn up the offence. You begin by speaking the innocent flirtation. You then have to evaluate… she on board with the flirt, or is she getting sick to her stomach? Ah, she isn’t totally repulsed…..I’ve got a shot at a date. Finally, the scariest moment of all…..the ask.

Now, what is the method of the ask? In my day, you either ask face to face and let her see you turn red with embarrassment, you use school mail (the vent hole in the locker)….but risk the note being found by a nosey school principal or worse….a boisterous classmate. There was the third option… the phone call. The 70’s didn’t afford the guys the luxury of a private cell phone. No. It was landline all the way. The family phone was usually kept in a central location in the house. Inevitably, my sister had urgent business near the phone anytime I was nervously about to make my move.

The 70’s also had a thing called a rotary dial phone. Today, young men can simply press the buttons and talk. In yesteryear, once the courage was obtained, we had to dial seven numbers….1st number,…..tick, tick, tick,…..2nd number, tick, tick, tick, etc…The rotary was slow with the first five numbers. As sweat broke out on the forehead, it seemed to count down to that moment when the ask was about to take place. The last two dialed numbers seemed to go quickly. After a bit of small talk, it was time for the ask. You rolled the dice & hoped they came up with anything but humiliation.

Yes, girls….now you get the chance to experience the ask. On Friday night, October 30, NCHS will be alive with the sound of music. Either the girls will get a “yes” or a “no” when they ask the young gentleman. Ladies, even if you are told “no”, don’t be discouraged. Use the same rationale as the guys use when the gal says “no”. There is a better “yes” awaiting you possibly as early as the next ask!