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NCHS Board Says ‘No’ To Football Co-op With West Washington

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Community High School Board voted not to enter into a co-op agreement for football with Okawville High School at their meeting on the evening of Monday, October 19 at the NCHS Media Center.

Board members held some discussion of the issue before voting.

“I don’t know if I’m for or against it,” board member Marsha Gajewski said initially, “With the numbers going down…if we say no now, what happens if we really need them?”

“I don’t think we can make this decision based on hypotheticals,” said board member John Hallock. “What are we doing to ourselves? We’re putting ourselves into a higher class for the playoffs. I think we are setting ourselves up, for lack of a better term, for a world of hurt.”

“Coach Malawy seemed to indicate that Coach Kuhn would not be in favor of it,” Superintendent Ernie Fowler said, but stated that he did not speak to head football coach Tim Kuhn directly about the issue.

“I know that a big concern would be that we wouldn’t know how many students we would be getting from another school,” Principal Brian Pasero told the board.

Board members stated that they had received word that as many as 70 students at Okawville had some level of interest in playing football.

“That’s all the boys though,” said Gajewski, “I know that it’s possible that we would only get three.”

“Until the IHSA standardizes a playoff system for football,” said board member Sharon Ogrzewalla, “we can’t take the chance.”

“If we got 15 students to show up, three or four per class, that would be tremendous,” Gajewski said, but added, “it’s not going to happen.

Fowler said in talking to athletic director Wayne Harre, he said that if he thought the coaching staff was enthusiastic about it, he would have recommended it.

“I’m just not getting a feeling that they are in favor of it at this time,” Fowler said. “I wanted to bring this up to the board to bring some closure to this, not only for us, but in fairness and respect to West Washington as well.”

The vote to decline to co-op was unanimous.


The board approved two resignations. Danielle Shultz resigned as the school’s drama club sponsor, and Dempsey Witte resigned as the NCHS girls softball coach. See page B1, sports, for more on Witte and his resignation.

New Business

A tentative tax levy was approved by the board.

“I always ask for a tentative adoption in October with full approval in November,” said Fowler. The tax levy is a 4.82-percent increase above last year’s rate.

The board approved and adopted new Illinois Association of School Board board policies.

The board approved hiring Floyd and Associates of Clinton, for the FY 2016 annual audit.

The board approved selecting First MidState as their vendor for possible bond sales.

The board approved a district risk management plan.

A student-teaching agreement with SIU-C.

An overnight field trip to St. Louis for the NCHS Lifesavers was approved for November 23.

The board approved a raise in pay for car parkers for sporting events. Their pay has been at $30 and the board approved a $5 per event raise to $35.