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Nashville’s L&N Train Depot Restoration Nears Completion

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By Brent Huelsmann

The Nashville L&N train depot originally built in 1885 is almost completely restored thanks to the work of the Washington County Historical Society and members Gary Farris, Elaine Rucker, and Ron Decker.

The Louisville and Nashville train depot, is the only train depot left in the area.

Originally L&N Train Depots could be found all over Washington County. Radom, Oakdale, Richview, Okawville, Ashley, Irvington, and DuBois all had train depots, none of which are still standing.

The building is owned by the Washington County Historical Society, who have owned the building since the 1980s.

The restoration is nearing completion and has taken almost three years.

Throughout the restoration, the building was kept as original as possible. The outside of the building has been completely redone.

The inside is all original, except for the flooring, which was completely rotted, and a bathroom that was installed.

Currently they are looking for interested persons to help “man” the depot museum once it finally opens to the public.

The museum is also looking for anyone willing to donate railroad items, or put them on loan to the museum. The items that are being sought include photos, stories about the depot or people that worked there, railroad clothing, lanterns, furniture, or any other kind of railroad memorabilia.

L&N Depot Restoration Nears Completion

Gary Farris has been working at the restoration of Nashville’s L&N Depot for nearly three years.