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Okawville Village Board Makes Final Payment On Water Line Project

By Jill Moon

The biggest cost to the Okawville Village Board for the month of October was the final payment of $20,306.50 to Haier Plumbing for the Front and High Street water line replacement projects. This payment was passed. Water and Sewer Chairman Brian Nelson also reported the generator and fence at the Spring Valley lift station are installed.

Police Committee Chairperson Sarah Deterding reported receipt of over $475 in fines from the circuit clerk and also what should have been over $2,796 from video gaming. However Deterding explained that October was the fourth month with no payment from the state for video gaming. As a whole, the village is owed over $11,171. An annual liquor license was approved for the Original Springs Hotel. Semi-annual liquor licenses were approved for Christ Brothers Inc., Plum Creek Golf Course LLC, and American Legion Post #223. Deterding reported that Okawville Police Officers had attended an update class on domestic violence in Evansville during October. Chief of Police Stephen Millikin observed that the department had received no funds for the officers’ updated training.

Personnel Committee Chairperson Ronda Pryor discussed with the board the current health insurance plan between the village and its employees. The motion was passed to change the plan from a 50% split to a 60%-40% split with the 60% being the share for the village. This is for employees with spouses and/or families. This arrangement will start in December. A single employee with no dependents will have 75% of health insurance paid for by the village. The motion was also passed to proceed with the foreclosure of the Lindsey property.

Mayor Dave Jasper explained further regarding the Lindsey property that once the foreclosure is complete it could be up for sale but stressed that it cannot be occupied in its current location. It would be possible to buy it and move it into the trailer court and live in it there. The land could be bought and another dwelling that met zoning codes be built.

Streets and Sidewalks Committee Chairman Nathan Dick reported the new dump truck had been delivered and proposed a motion to approve funds to add a salt spreader and a snow plow to the new truck. These costs would be approximately $2,200 for the salt spreader and $4,642 for the snow plow. This motion passed. He also proposed that the committee obtain bids for lighting and lettering on the new truck and be able to award a bid for approximately $1,000. Strobe lights would be installed on the roof and lettering would be on the front and back of the vehicle. This motion also passed. He described a discussion by the committee on improving drainage at the east end of Belleville Street. Apparently the conclusion of the committee was it needs more work than previously thought and more research needs to be done before any bid can be accepted and definite plans made.

Mayor Jasper praised the board for being “sensible with money…” and that was the biggest reason Okawville enjoyed financial health. He also added that there is a law against the popular practice of “toilet papering” this time of year but it had not been enforced. He added that by this time next year there would be an ordinance and that parents need to stop their kids from participating. He said he had too many complaints to keep ignoring it.