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T-SJ Students Prepare School Supplies For Syrian Refugees

TSJ Syrian Refugee Bags C.jpg

Students at T­SJ, along with the supporting congregations of Trinity, Nashville and St. John, New Minden, filled bags of school supplies for Syrian refugee children.

Each bag contained notebooks, pencils, a sharpener, crayons, pens, eraser, ruler and scissors.

The school was able to fill 72 bags, and provide additional money for shipping.

Shown are the kindergarten and first grade students: Noah Banks, Estes Bochantin, Jayden Cooley, Austin Downey, Steven Faught III, Zhisheng Wen, Ethan Wilderman, Jonah Banks, Sam Blumhorst, Samantha Brinkmann, Summer Brinkmann, Owen Diedrich, Zavier Eaton, Jenna Kujawa, Jacob Kula, Marley Meinert, Bennett Pinski, Siena Popejoy, Palmer Renken, Jess Roesener, Brock Schuessler, Alexys Spratt, and Ava Witte.