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Letter: Thank You On Behalf Of The Community Center

Thank You On Behalf Of The Community Center

The board members along with the directors of the CCN would like to extend a sincere thank you for the attendance and support that we received for the 4th Annual Homecoming Event.

We appreciate those that took the time out of your busy schedules to relax and spend the evening with us. We are a small group that depends heavily upon the help of others to make this event, along with the other activities held at the CCN, successful. We fully acknowledge that we cannot do many of the things that we do without the support of the community. We are blessed to have such great volunteerism around town and much of our success comes from the gracious support from the members of our community.

Our efforts this year have allowed us to be able to give something back. The CCN has decided to donate $1,000 to The Country Kitchen to help with the rebuild as the restaurant has become such a staple in the town of Oakdale. We are happy to say that we raised additional money that will be utilized to repair the roof on the gym of the Community Center.

Let us say once again, that we are so thankful for the community support. We give you our solemn promise to continue to work hard and to strive to make the CCN remain a fixture that enhances our town.


Board Members, Bob Miller, Jeff Rabenort, Chris Frerker, Cissy Patton, Rhett Renken, Randy Reuter, Amy Stevens, Bill Gibson, Phil May, Tom Polcynski, Kurt Elsesser, Amber Ford, Rebecca Fark, Paul Barczewski. Directors, Jennifer Shopinski, Danny Dlubala