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Marching Hornets End Season With A Bang

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The Marching Hornets start their long season in June each year. This year the show theme was a general Native American theme, featuring three 10’ tall tepees a life size horse puppet powered by two people and ridden by yet another. Dreamcatchers hung from all pit equipment in the front of the band and on the command center. The drum majors and Stingers were dressed in Native American themed costumes, complete with feathers and war paint.

The Marching Hornets performed at every home football game and at three competitions during the season. The first competition was at the Metro East Marching Classic. This competition is one of the oldest marching competitions in the area. Some of the best marching bands attend regularly. This year was the second year NCHS has attended and are looking to make an impact there in coming years. The Marching Hornets then attended the Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational on October 17. Here the Marching Hornets were awarded best percussion, best music, best color guard, general effect, and best all-around band in our class. On October 31, they attended the Pinckneyville Mardi Gras Field Show competition where they were awarded best percussion, best color guard, and best all-around band in our class.

“This was a very successful marching band season. The band has come so far in the last three years, which is how long we have been competing in these types of competitions. We have Placed first in four of the last five competitions and are beginning to get noticed. I am very proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time and look forward to future seasons.” Says NCHS Music Director Steve Browne “It takes so many people to make these shows happen we would like to thank: The Marching Hornets would like to thank Mr. Ernie Fowler, Mr. Brian Pasero, Mr. Wayne Harre, Mrs. Jean Orr, Canaan Gibbs, Carmen Keller, Carly Middleton, Andrew Davis, Nick Haley, Annie Sachtleban, NCHS Music Boosters, Moose Bergmann, Bud Meade, Allie Kellerman, Sam Polczynski, Coach Tim Kuhn, and the District #99 School Board. And our drum majors Sarah Doerr, Dailey Szopinski, and Maggie Stegman.”

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