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The Legend Of The Magic Mirror, Part FourNashville – November 11, 2015

The Legend Of The Magic Mirror, Part Four


Susan Roethemeyer

I waited, spellbound, as Connie read the last few sentences on the old paper.

‘To bring the Mirror to Power, do these things:

1. Hold the Mirror Firmly in Both Hands.

2. With the Mirror a Foot from Your Face, Look Directly into the Mirror.

3. Wait One Minute to Analyze Thyself and Thy Request.

4. Speak These Words: Speculo, Speculum in Manu Mea, Me Anima.

5. Speak Thy Request.’

Connie gripped the mirror in both hands, held it about a foot from her face.

She was quiet for a minute, then took a big, nervous breath and began to speak.

‘Specula, Speculum in Manu Mea, Me Anima!’

She paused again, and we both saw the clouding of the mirror seemed to move. But that could have been from her trembling hands.

Connnie hurried on.

‘I want — just to say that I deserve what I’m about to ask for. I’ve always been a nice girl, always loving, always helping people who need it.

‘I took old Mrs. Thomas to the grocery store when she sprained her ankle.

‘I’ve given things to the poor and sick people around here.

‘Just– just wanted you to know that.’

Connie swallowed nervously. ‘Now – I want to be Beautiful. I want to feel good about myself, and have people admire me.’

Connie fell silent. We looked at each other.

‘Connie,’ I said breathlessly, ‘You said the word “I” eight times!’

Connie’s eyes opened wide.

‘Connie – you look different!’