VenedyNovember 11, 2015


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St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy IL, Rev. Art Eichhorn, Pastor, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:00am Sunday Morning Worship Service , Daniel 12: 1-3, Hebrews 10: 11-25, Mark 13: 1-13.

St. Johns United Church of Christ, Johannisburg,, IL, Rev. Bill Groennert, 8:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Service. Please remember St John’s Mission Project for November & December is New Athens Home.

Happiness is a grateful spirit, an optimistic attitude, and a heart full of love.

Rev. Bill Groennert held services at New Athens Home on on Wednesday, Steve Droege was the organist. Stanley Droege also attended

Remember the Wurst Markt at Zion UCC Addieville on Wednesday Nov 11th.

He who throws dirt loses ground.

R. G LeTourneau, an outstanding Christian business-man for whom LeTourneau College was named, made a fortune with a company that manufactured large earth moving equipment. He once remarked, “We used to make a scraper known as ‘Model G’. One day somebody asked our salesman what the G stood for. The man, who was pretty quick on the trigger, immediately replied, ‘I’ll tell you. The G stands for gossip because like a talebearer this machine moves a lot of dirt and moves it fast’.”

The trouble with gossip is not so much that it is spoken as an intended lie, but that it is heard s if it was the absolute truth. Abraham Lincoln had a favorite riddle he used to put to people: “If a man were to call the tail of a dog a leg, how many legs would the dog have?” The usual reply was ‘five’.

“Wrong,” Lincoln would say with his wry smile. “The dog still has four legs. Calling the tail a leg doesn’t make it one.”

Just because a tale may have been repeated may times by so-called ‘reliable sources’ doesn’t necessarily make it true.

Stanley & Ora Mae Droege journeyed to Rochester MN on Thursday. They were there to attended The 2015 Polka Party at the Kahler Hotel over the week end. They returned home on Monday.

Judging others leaves no time to love them