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Veteran’s Day SaluteNCHS Superintendent’s Report – November 11, 2015

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

I want to dedicate today’s column to a bunch of super heroes. Though they are or have worn a specific uniform, I am not talking about Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or even Spiderman. Unlike the fab four that I just mentioned, the super heroes that I want to talk about are real. They have fought real life villains in the name of justice and freedom.

Today, on behalf of NCHS, I want to thank and commend our United States veterans for their service in keeping us safe and preserving our way of life as a nation. The men and women who serve in the military put their lives on hold to protect each one of us. I admire the fact that our veterans have lived a life in which they are ready to do whatever it takes, including giving the ultimate sacrifice, in defense of the values that have made America great.

I encourage our students to take the time to get to know a person who is currently or has previously served in the United States military. Listen to them as they relate their experiences. No comic book can capture the passion and drama of life that many veterans have experienced. My father was a Purple Heart recipient from World War II. He spoke about combat and suffering wounds that landed him in a military hospital for more than a year. His story is not unique. Many men and women faced down the enemy and received life-changing injuries as a result of their courage. Some sustained physical injuries, others mental issues, and all gave part of themselves for the high calling of national service.

It is my hope that our students come to fully understand what it means to be a veteran. Our veterans belong to a special brotherhood and sisterhood centered on giving of themselves for all people…..those who appreciate their service and those who never give that service a second thought.

I often hear a person say they don’t know anyone who is famous. Our veterans may not be famous by the standards of today’s society. More importantly, however, they are heroes. What they do or have done for our country is far more important than fame or fortune. Those who wore the uniform and honorably completed a tour of duty are the real Supermen and Wonder Women! Thank you for protecting our privilege of living in the greatest country on Earth…..the United States of America.

Veteran’s Day Salute