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Nashville Police Officer Jared Wilke eats lunch with 1st and 2nd grade students at St.

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Nashville Police Officer Jared Wilke eats lunch with 1st and 2nd grade students at St. Ann School. Wilke enjoyed pizza as well as applesauce and a cookie as he talked about his job with the students.

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Illinois State Police Officer C.J. Watson shows off his police motorcycle and hands out stickers to Mrs. Rolf's third grade class. He talked about how to turn on the lights, and how fast it goes.

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The emergency personnel that visited with St. Ann students during the “Lunch With A Hero” event that was held on Veteran’s Day at St. Ann School. The emergency personnel, answered questions, ate lunch, played at recess and showed off their emergency vehicles to the students.

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By Brent Huelsmann

While most schools were off school on Veteran's Day, St. Ann school was in session to honor the local heroes in Nashville.

The event, Lunch With A Hero, allowed for students at St. Ann to spend a day answering questions and seeing the emergency vehicles of the Washington County EMS, Nashville Police Department, Washington County Sheriff, Illinois State Police and the Nashville Fire and Rescue.

Each class was visited by a couple members of the local heroes in Nashville and the students got to ask questions about their everyday workday.

Students asked questions about their weapons, how their vehicles worked, if they ever saved anyone, and their favorite thing about their jobs.

This was the first year that the event was held at St. Ann, and Principal Pierre Antoine says, he plans to continue the event every year. Everyone involved was treated to lunch, and recess after answering questions of the different classes.

Due to the fact that the students were in class on Veteran's Day, the students will now get off school one day earlier for Thanksgiving Break.

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ABOVE, Nashville Firefighter Seth Dinkelmann eats lunch with kindergarteners and answers questions during the Veterans Day event at St. Ann School. BELOW, Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher shows students his squad car.