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The Legend Of The Magic Mirror, Part FiveNashville – November 18, 2015

The Legend Of The Magic Mirror, Part Five


Susan Roethemeyer

“Connie!” I said breathlessly. “You’ve changed!”

‘‘I have?” Connie jumped up off my bed in excitement and ran over to the dresser mirror to see for herself.

‘‘Oh, yes – I see- It happened! Just like it said!” She flashed her eyes, tilted back her head, and twisted and twirled to see all of herself. She was animated, confident, and excited. Her normally plain eyes now sparkled.

“Oh, Lacy, I feel so full of Life! Let’s take Ethan for a walk and show everyone!”

Ethan was my gold-and-white Collie.

I smiled at her enthusiasm. “All right,” I agreed. “Let’s go!”

“As we walked, people turned toward my smiling friend. She was more charming than usual, and had insisted on taking Ethan’s leash herself.

“We were about to turn for home when it happened.

“A squirrel dashed across Ethan’s path, and he instantly gave chase.

“In one horrible instant I saw Connie pulled aside and knocked to the sidewalk. She screamed as she skidded along the concrete, and then became silent as her head hit one of the decorative stones alongside the walk.

The leash came loose from her hand and Ethan dashed away to a tree and stood barking at the squirrel.

“Constance! Connie!” I screamed and ran to her.

“Her face was bloody as I turned her over. ‘Please help me, someone!’ I turned teary eyes to the faces around me.

“Don’t worry, Miss Lacy, we’ll help you.’ My neighbor, Mr. Meyer, stood by me, and his son, Tommy, stood nearby with Ethan’s leash in his hand.

“We’ll get your friend to the hospital, and Tommy will take Ethan home for you. Don’t worry.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Meyer, oh, thank you!’ Mrs. Meyer helped me to my feet.

“Mr. Meyer and some of the other men in the crowd gently picked up Connie and took her to a cab one of them had hailed.

“The Meyers took me with them in their carriage to the hospital.”