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The Mysteries Of Man BunsNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – Nov. 18, 2015

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

I was watching the news the other night when a story came on that caught my attention. It would seem that the newest hairstyle for men is something called “man buns”. These are identified as a wad of hair which is wound up tightly and held in place either on the top of or on the back of the head.

They look like something that a 1960’s librarian would wear. No offense intended toward 1960’s librarians! I wondered how these guys got this look. Do they go to the beauty shop and have their hair cut everywhere except in one spot? Later in the news report, I heard that one can actually purchase fake “man buns” and attach them to the head. I thought that was good to know in the event that I decide to change my hairstyle. I can simply buy a bun. I could have a choice of having “bun head” or going “bun free”. Which would look better for a board meeting?

While in Central Illinois, I would often be in my office and get a phone call from either the local tv station in Springfield or Decatur. They would find a topic then ask to come over and interview me so they could run it on the evening news. Knowing this, I always tried to dress professionally. I usually wore a shirt and tie just in case families were watching me on the tube as they were eating their dinner. I usually kept an extra shirt and tie in the office just in case the media descended on a day when I hadn’t worn a tie. I knew they usually videoed me only from the waist up so I could wear jeans on football Friday but still look like a professional as I sat at my desk.

It is good to know that, should I choose, I could keep a “stick on” man bun in my desk drawer and adorn it quickly should I want to impress folks as a hipster Superintendent. I wonder if they make gray ones.

Men’s hairstyles change. When I was a kid, my dad and I both wore flat tops. I wore a flat top even after it went out of style. I did it to get the girl’s attention. I thought it was funny when my third grade female classmates wanted to rub the top of my head because they liked the pointy feel. Somehow, I don’t think my female friends today are interested in rubbing my head regardless of my hairstyle.

I wonder if a “man bun” would change that. From there, my parents allowed me to have longer hair. I’ve shared in a previous article my dalliance with permed hair. I’ve had the 80’s “big hair”. Today, I just go with “normal” hair.

I’m going to keep an eye on our students to see if they buy into the “man bun” era. Will I see Coach Weathers and his varsity basketball team take the floor for the first game wearing these things? I guess I’ll find the answer to that question in a few days!

The Mysteries Of Man Buns