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Ask A PastorDecember 2, 2015

Ask A Pastor

By Scott T. Sharp, Pastor

First Baptist Church Nashville

Question: "Is human life truly sacred?"

Whether or not human life is truly sacred depends on who you ask. I say that because from a human viewpoint, the sacredness of human life is up for debate. It’s obvious the murderer doesn’t view human life as sacred and it’s obvious that anyone involved in the abortion industry doesn’t believe human life is sacred. So whether or not human life is truly sacred depends on who you ask. Better questions to ask might be either of the following: Are there any absolutes we can point to concerning the sanctity of human life? Or, is there any source to which we can point that defines human life as sacred?

To answer the initial question based on my personal beliefs would be to put forth an opinion which carries no more weight than any other person’s opinion. Therefore, I’m not going to answer the question on the basis of my opinion but instead on the basis of what God’s Word says because it stands alone as the source of absolute truth where the issue of life is concerned. The Bible’s answer is straightforward and clear; God views human life as sacred. Because God is the sinless and perfect creator and giver of life, His involvement in the process makes human life sacred as a result of His attributes. Genesis 1:27 tells us that we are created in the image of God and after His likeness. In Psalm 139:13 we are told that it is God who forms our inward parts and knits us together in our mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:5 also tells us that it is God who forms us in our mother’s womb and knows us by name even before we are born. The fact that the God of the universe has used His attributes and abilities to create human life means human life sacred. That having been said, the rules God has established concerning the taking of human life also make it clear that God views human life as sacred.

The Sixth Commandment given by God found in Exodus 20 says, “You shall not murder.” Murder is defined as premeditated killing which is carried out unlawfully by an individual who appoints himself judge, jury and executioner. In Proverbs 6:16 tells us there are six things the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him. Verse 17 tells us that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.” There are very few people in our society that we could point to who qualify as “innocent,” but surely everyone would agree that the blood of an unborn or newborn child would qualify as innocent.

During this Christmas season we would do well to remember why it is that Christ came as the baby born in Bethlehem. Jesus says in John 10:10, “I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” Merry Christmas!