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December 9 Classic Photo: “Let’s Shake On It”

Last week’s Classic Photo “Let’s Shake On It” was of three men, two of them shaking hands while the third watches. The two men whose faces are visible are Allen Schmale, in the middle, and Willis Aubel, on the right.

Schmale stopped in to The Nashville News and stated that the photo was taken in the yard of his house in Okawville.

“I think the occasion was the first time Jim Thompson ran for governor, he came to Okawville with his dog to walk in the parade,” Schmale said. Saying that afterwards, they held a reception at his house and that the person Aubel is shaking the hands of was likely a politician, but Schmale didn’t remember who.

Schmale stated that Aubel was the mayor of Addieville at the time that photo was taken, after a Wheat Festival Parade, sometime in the 1970s.

Along with Schmale, Missy Meentemeyer contacted The Nashville News about the photo as well; Aubel was her father.