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Facing The Blank PageNashville – December 16, 2015


Susan Roethemeyer

Facing The Blank Page

That is something writers go through on a daily basis..

Sometimes they cannot think of anything to say. Whatever thoughts they had go out the window when the time comes to put them down on paper (or the computer screen).

Sometimes the writer has a lot to say, and then the fingers or the pen can barely keep up with the thoughts that are tumbling through the mind.

Journalists already have their information, and just have to decide how to present it to their audience.

Screenwriters have an idea, their baby, and write on it, sometimes for years. They have to get someone else interested in it, too

Gene Roddenberry took “Star Trek” to several different networks before NBC took it on. There are countless other scripts that are buried on studio shelves- bought but not produced.

Novelists have to face the page every day if they are to get the story finished on their deadline.

Some are faster than others.

James Joyce wrote slowly, only a few words a day, according to some sources.

Stephen King writes a novel of about a thousand pages in about a month. He talks about the story idea already being there, all the writer has to do is unearth it.

I think it is more like catching butterflies. The closer you get to it, the more elusive it can be. But if you have the right net, one without holes, you can catch a most beautiful specimen.

Sometimes I can catch a beautiful butterfly, only to have it get away out of a hole.

I often catch moths, nice from a distance, but not so nice close up, and I have to start again.

And then there are the times I catch a big beautiful Monarch, and the story is great.

I will leave you with that thought for now, and go back to my butterfly hunt.