Ruby Red Jewels Christmas Party

The Ruby Red Jewels gathered at the Original Springs for their Christmas meeting and party. The Ladies signed up to be hostesses for 2016. Everyone was reminded to join in helping fill Christmas baskets for the BCMW on Monday December 14. The group was saddened to learn that several of the members were hospitalized or ill. Everyone wished them a speedy recovery and a Merry Christmas and healthy New Year. Cards or flowers were sent to those who were ill.

The Original Springs Hotel was beautifully decorated with garland and lights around the ceiling. Lovely silver and blue ornaments adorned the wreaths hanging from the posts and were topped with gorgeous silver bows. There was a cane bench surrounded by white poinsettias which was a picturesque sight just waiting for Santa to appear. The ladies enjoyed a lovely luncheon with yummy desserts like red velvet cake, carrot cake cheesecake and red velvet cake cheesecake.

Following their meeting and luncheon, the ladies had a white elephant gift exchange. Next, they exchanged gifts as they listened to Queen Mother Sandy Turner read the Christmas story of the “Right Family.” Much joy and laughter ensued as gifts were passed to the left or right each time the words “left” and “right” were read. When the story ended, each person received the gift they had gotten on the last pass. A door prize gift was given to the person who had the lucky number. The prize was a Dairy Queen gift card. However, the prize was wrapped in a “prank box.” The entire room burst into laughter. Marge Rensing thought she had received a coffee maker/soap dispenser. The entire box depicted this gadget with instructions and all. Everyone believed there was such a gadget until they found out it was a “prank box.”

Happiness and joy were celebrated by: Helen Bleisch, Jerri Heggemeier, Karen Lunte, Georgine Hawley-May, Betty Renken, Marge Rensing, Sandy Turner and Ann Wojtowicz.