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AddievilleDecember 30, 2015


Darlene Ostendorf

(618) 424-7779

Happy New Year!

At this writing we have had 3 1/2 inches of rain this weekend. There is water everywhere. We cannot say 2015 was a drought year.

Several from here attended the 11 pm Christmas Eve Carols & Candles Service at Olive Branch Lutheran Church. It was a beautiful service with string music. The Hallelujah Chorus was moving.

Josie Lehde of Clarksville, TN was home for Christmas visiting her parents Lyle & Sue Lehde and other family and friends.

Gared Seats of Kansas City was home for the holidays visiting his parents Leo & Pam Seats and other family and friends.

Darlene Ostendorf hosted a Christmas Eve celebration after church. Attending were Mary Lou Kitowski, Ken & Judy Ostendorf, Andrew and Brandon Ostendorf, Ken & JoAnn Harvey, Bill & Barbara Hansen and Tara, Thomas Hansen and friend Mercedes, Kim Harvey, and Jack & Melanie Harvey, Matthew, Marlena and Macy and friend Matthew.