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It Happened HereDecember 30, 2015

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


The contract for the WPA sewerage system in Nashville was awarded to H.A. Grabbe Construction Company.

Irene Piper of Oakdale traveled to Israel for Christmas. Miss Piper was a teacher on the island of Cyprus.

Winifred Hoover and John Anderson died as a result of injuries received when a heating plant exploded. They were employed at the Hudelson Orphans Home in Irvington.

Other deaths: Waneta Schleifer, 13, formerly of Nashville; Mathilda Mellein of Venedy Station; William Isringhaus of Nashville; and Elizabeth Penick of Richview.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Audrey Reidelberger of Nashville was initiated into honorary music society at the University of Illinois.

Nashville High School alumni defeated the varsity in a basketball game 50-31.

Deaths: Anna Marie Doelling of Venedy; and Mrs. Henry Steinwald of Irvington.

Seventy Years Ago


The government announced the GI Bill program to help train veterans of World War II.

Howard Johnson of Nashville entered the honorary scholastic organization, Phi Eta Sigma, at the University of Illinois.

Pfc. Enoch Barnowski returned home from the service.

Deaths: Walter Pflasterer, 43, of Darmstadt; William Rommelmann, a native of Hoyleton; Christian Haake of Addieville; and Louise Wernecke of Covington.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Washington County Service Co. held its sixth annual meeting in Nashville. More than 250 attended.

Arthur Koetting Jr. was approved as Okawville postmaster.

Lilliam Ruchaj, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Val Ruchaj, left for the Great Lakes Naval Station to begin training for the Women’s Auxiliary to the Navy (WAVES).

Yellow soybeans were $2.98 per bushel.

Deaths: Bertha Frank of Okawville; John Frisch, a native of Ashley; and Frank Pawlowski, formerly of Radom.

Sixty Years Ago


Eunice Rixman was chosen to be an International Farm Youth Exchange delegate to Finland.

A local store advertised sirloin, club and round steak for 69 cents a pound.

Deaths: George Meyer of Marissa; Edwin Werre of Nashville; and August Collmeyer of New Minden.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Huegely Elevator contracted with the Washington County Service Co. to sell its elevator properties on June 1, 1961.

The Washington County Hospital fund drive showed $74,166.30 still needed to reach the goal of $660,000.

Guy Dudley was hired as biology teacher at the local high school, replacing Louise Kabat.

Deaths: Herman Maschhoff of Nashville; Rose Lietz of Okawville; Julius Frederking of Nashville; Walter Ksycki, native of DuBois; and John Belinski of Nashville.

Fifty Years Ago


An Illinois law, which was to take effect January 1, said the persons under 21 applying for a driver’s license must have parental consent.

The Hornet basketball team defeated Sparta, 58-53. Bob Bogle led scorers with 21 points.

Charles Hogshead of Nashville was caring for three sets of twin calves born on his farm within a few days of each other.

Deaths: Caroline Hasheider of Okawville; Elizabeth Setmeyer of Tamaroa; Henrietta Potthoff of Hoyleton; and William Sullivan of Venedy.

Forty-Five Years Ago


The Oakdale Bank marked its fiftieth anniversary.

The Nashville High School Madrigal Singers taped a presentation of Christmas music at KPLR-TV in St. Louis.

Walter Moehle was named coordinator-instructor of the new Belleville Area College Police Academy.

Deaths: John Meier of Nashville; Emma Stark;
Martha Schindelar of Ashley; Anna Redeker of Centralia; Joseph Spotanski of DuBois; and Thomas Beggs, formerly of Oakdale.

Forty Years Ago


Sixty-four deer were killed in the second season of deer hunting in Washington County.

First place winner in the Christmas lighting contest in Nashville was the Irene McCarthy home.

Leonard Kraudel of Belleville received an Eagle rank, the highest in Scouting.

Deaths: Howard Hosmer, 84, of Washington DC; William Nehrt, 81, of Centralia; Edgar McLaughlin, 73, of Belleville; Theodore Rinne, 86, of St. Louis; Leon Belter, 75, of DuBois; Cecilia Andrews, 91, formerly of DuBois; Mary Flauaus, 93, of Okawville; Albert Oberhofer, 64, of St. Louis; Oscar Kuhlman, 63, of Affton, MO; Norma Wald, 68, of White Hall; Martin Hohlt, 89, of Okawville; Heather McNicol, 18 months, of Carlyle; Eileen Rogers, 60, of Christopher; Steve Reel, 73, of Pinckneyville; James Witzel, 88, of Mt. Vernon; and Claude Winter of New Orleans, LA.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


A revised census counts for Washington County showed 15,003 inhabitants, an increase of 1,557 in the last 10 years. Nashville was listed with 3,120 residents.

Figures released showed Washington County had earned $158,008 on investments in the 1978-79 fiscal year.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Harre won the annual Nashville Christmas lighting contest. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cramer finished second.

Fire destroyed the Oakdale home of Floyd and Launa Giacomo.

The Hogan Funeral Home in Ashley, which had been owned and operated by Len and Elaine Hogan for 34 years was sold to Pyatt Funeral Home.

Ed Weber found a crippled badger on Oakdale Blacktop.

Harold “Ski” Wisnewski, 55, of Centralia died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after a warrant for his arrest on an attempted murder charge was issued in Washington County. Wisnewski was accused of attempting to suffocate Irma Lee, 83, with a pillow following an argument over an insurance policy.

Other deaths: John Stanley Chwarzinski, 65, of Nashville; Eloise Prange, 56, a native of Ashley; Henry Schoen, 80, of Marion, Leon “Toad” Coil, 71, of Nashville; Emelie Kasten, 94, of Hoyleton; Orval Dycus, 85, of Mt. Vernon; Nellie Leek, 92, formerly of Nashville; Josephine Pinski, 80, of Nashville; Clara Rockamann, 89, a native of Okawville; Mabel Hake, 68, of Centralia; Henry Bathon, 85, of Pinckneyville; Howard Meentemeyer, 69, a native of Covington Township; and Stanley Schneider, 56, of Granite City.

Weddings: Diane Hanenberger and Gregory Felton.

Thirty Years Ago


Harvey Cramer won the Nashville Christmas lighting contest. Willard Niermann placed second.

Deaths: Marcie Jean Habbe,
8, of Nashville; Dorothy Wehking, 71, of San Antonio, TX; Della Mae Steinhauer, 85, of Nashville; Hazel Oppenlander, 90, of Ashley; Dorothy Garris, 55, of Chester; Dr. Robert Lietz, 76, of Okawville; Beulah Briles, 80, of Madison; Mike Kerry, 72, a native of DuBois; Anthony Rynski, 87, of Ashley; and Lawrence Mueller, 64, a native of Okawville.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


James Bain, 26, of Mt. Vernon pled guilty in Washington County Circuit Court to first degree murder in the shooting death of Paul Barczewski, 30, of Nashville.

Washington County Treasurer and Collector William Windler made a third tax distribution totaling $3,392,103 to 76 taxing districts in the county, with a total of $6,791.902.98 in taxes being collected.

The Illinois Department of Public Health said it would begin paying for mammograms for women over 35 who were covered by Medicaid.

Borowiak’s Department Store in Nashville was advertising an established retail clothing business for sale.

Deaths: Ella Chenoweth, 78, of Okawville; Verla Gruelle, 82, of Belleville; and Delcie Deason, 63, of Okawville.

Weddings: Julie Spotanski and Deron Klamm; Kristine Marquard and Bruce McGlasson.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Morris Keller of Nashville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Joel Lambeth of Pinckneyville, a son; Michele Suedmeyer and PV2 Michael Zimmerman, a daughter; Richard and Karen Jurkowski of Arnold, MO, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Ron Niedbalski of Nashville, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stambaugh of Nashville, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


A new policy passed by the city council called for alcohol and drug testing for all employees of the City of Nashville.

Nashville Fire Dept. put into service a new $155,000 tanker truck.

Willis Aubel, Addieville’s mayor for 26 years, resigned due to health reasons. Ron Kolweier was named to that post.

Irvington Grade School Board voted to try again to pass an 85 cent tax increase. Voters rejected a $1 increase in November.

Ballatore Gran Spumante was $4.59 and Tosti Asi Spunmante was $6.99 at All Mart.

Deaths: Winifred Klingenberg, 68, of Okawville; Stella Zewiski, 72, of Ashley; Frank Langa, 83, of Mt. Vernon; Kenneth Dombrowski Sr., 68, of Coulterville.

Wedding: Kathryn Smith and Paul Barczewski.

Births: Walter Jr. and Deanna Holm of New Minden, a daughter; Mary Slayton and Adrian Johnson of Okawville, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Employees of Nashville Interior Systems donated over $5,000 in toys and clothes to needy families just before Christmas.

The cost of mailing a first class letter was set to jump by a penny to 34 cents.

Okawville School Board voted to continue eighth grade graduation in conjunction with high school commencement.

Eddie Kemper received a gift from Nashville News Publisher Richard Tomaszewski for his many years as sports editor.

Deaths: Anna Pieszchalski, 72, of DuBois; Monica O’Rear, 43, of DuBois; Olivia Winters, 91, of Okawville; Isaiah Sanders, infant son of Amanda Tegenkamp of Ashley and Curtis Sanders of Mt. Vernon; Peter Ochap, 92, of DuBois; Wallace Lockhart Sr., 69, of Oakdale; Emily Borowiak, 95, of Nashville; Wanda George, 84, of Tamaroa; Dean Thomas, 60, of Grand Junction, CO; Paul Beckmann, 67, of Germantown; Doy Newcomb, 98, of Centralia; Ruth Schneider, 88, of Belleville; and Charles Brooks Sr., 86, of Tamaroa.

Wedding: Shawna Kelley and John Shelor.

Ten Years Ago


Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier was named Nashville Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Reuter was recognized by the Illinois EPA for his work in transferring the agency’s paper records to an electronic file system.

Richard and Audrey Finke hosted a book-signing to Lt. Col. Dennis Foster, author of “Whipper-in,” a book on fox hunting.

Josh Rakers, 26, of Oakdale died in a fire that consumed the truck in which he was sitting and the adjacent house and garage. The fire was ignited by the truck’s rear tires that kept spinning after it struck a corner of the garage.

Other deaths: John Czajkowski, 97, of Mt. Vernon; Darrell McCoy, 71, of Richview; Warren Stricker, 93, of Okawville; Charlotte Sandheinrich, 68, of O’Fallon; Irma Brinkman, 80; Doris Heaman, 69, of Huntsville, AL; Thomas Compton, 55, of Nashville.

Five Years Ago


A snow storm on Christmas Eve blanketed Washington County in three inches or more of snow.

Gas prices responded to $90-per-barrel oil, rising to over $3 per gallon in Nashville.

Members of the Okawville School Board voted to approve a property tax levy set at 9.93%.

Nashville School District 49 reported that they had received all of the monies due to them in general state aide. Unfortunately, the state still owed the district over $120,000.

Birth: Degyn Jayan Finke was born on December 10, 2010, to Jason and Tara Finke, of Nashville.

Marriages: Cody Frese and Amanda Caplinger were wed on October 9 in DuBois; Allie Rae Haertling and Scott Edward Gibbs were wed on October 23.

Deaths: Vera “Maxine” Newcomb, 89, of Ashley, December 23; Patricia True, 90, of Richview, December 22; Robert Mondt, 65, of Aviston, December 25; Norma Sanders, 98, of Addieville, December 24; Dawn Keith, 49, of Justin, Texas, formerly of Nashville, December 16; Ronald Gorman, 83, formerly of Nashville, December 22; Salomae Hoffman, 90, of Ashley, December 26.