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December Weather Report

December of 2015 was not spectacular in being warm or cold, but it was, as has been a trend this summer and fall, very wet.

Total rainfall for December was 7.70 inches, quite a bit, and even more when you consider that a large portion of it fell on just two days in a row, December 27 and 28, when 2.81 and 1.75 inches of rain fell, respectively.

In fact, around Christmas, there was a rainy period without a completely dry day running from December 21 through 29. Christmas itself was the low rainfall day in that set with just a “T” being marked by the weather observation station at the Nashville water plant for “trace” amounts of precipitation. Christmas Eve was a wet one though with almost an inch (0.98 inches to be exact) coming down.

Temperatures were relatively mild, but not warm. The average December high was 52.2 degrees. The highest temperature measured was 71 degrees, on December 13, but there were plenty of days with highs in the 50s and 60s, as well as a few with highs in the the 40s or even the 30s.

For lows, temperatures stayed mild. The lowest temperatures for the month were 24 degrees, measured on December 4 and 5. Overall, Low temperatures ranged from the 20s up to 50 degrees on December 14.