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Annual Update From Washington County Vocational Workshop

As 2015 comes to a close, I just wanted to update the community about what is happening at the Washington County Vocational Workshop and extend a thank you to those in the community who continue to help us.

Our Caps Your Cause

Prairie Farms gallon and half gallon milk jugs have a code on the lid. If you have any, just send them to the workshop for turn them in with the coupons at Krogers. If you want to check our progress or redeem them yourself got to the website. We are listed under Education. If you have family or friends that are not helping on of the local schools, please ask them if they would help us. We are currently at 766 caps.

Recycling Aluminum Cans

We continue to receive donations of cans. The recycling center in Nashville is closed by we will continue to stack the bags up. Last year my son used my trailer and hauled 2 huge loads for us. This money is used for special things for the clients – our recycled benches, our patio chairs, our camera, the ball caps, anniversary items, paying for Grizzlies tickets, purchasing games for downtime activities, etc.

Kroger’s Community Rewards

WCVW has over 30 households signed up for this program. We receive a quarterly check. This money goes in the can fund. We purchased a large screened TV this year. Thank you so much for registering your Kroger Savings Card for Community Rewards. Please ask your friends or family to sign up at 1-800-Krogers. If they prefer, there are several local schools that at participating. This is such a wonderful and easy program.


Renda J, Rabe, QIDP

Director of Developmental Training